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Zoink Gives Gamers the Chance to Star in Zombie Vikings

Indie developer Zoink is giving gamers a chance to star in their upcoming game, Zombie Vikings. Known for the previous game, Stick it To The Man, Zoink is creating yet another wacky game, but this you can be in it!

What’s a Zoink Executive Official?

As a ZEO, you get a whole bunch of perks and cool stuff – like actually getting to star as an extra in Zoink’s upcoming title Zombie Vikings! But that’s not all. Here’s the full list:

• You get access to Zombie Vikings before the release, and you’ll also get some extra game keys to share with your friends. Go multiplayer!
• You’ll be an extra in the game! We will actually paint you into Zombie Vikings!
• Your mailbox will be stuffed with a concept sketch of Zombie Vikings-you, concept art, and a super cool t-shirt.
• You will get access to a private Zoink forum where you get to chat with the devs, who will give you exclusive news about Zombie Vikings and upcoming projects before everybody else.
• If you live close enough to attend, you also get a golden ticket to the Zombie Vikings release party!

Each week, everyone has the chance to become a ZEO by entering a contest. This first week, the challenge consists of creating a weapon for Zombie Vikings! And here’s a bonus: The winning entries will actually be playable in the game.

For more information you can visit the official website here.

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