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What’s Worth Buying from Xur (6/19/15)

Hey some new gear for change! This week, Xur is located in the Reef, inside the door highlighted in the image below.

*Note: The images are just for visual reference and may not represent the correct abilities, level, etc.*

Titan: Gauntlets: ACD/0 Feedback Fence with 66 intellect 46 strength roll: These are an interesting Exotic for the Titan class as Titans aren’t known for their great melee attack (outside of shoulder charge), and these gauntlets are all about melee attack. Getting hit with a melee attack sends out area damage effect that is kinda cool but not the end all be all. They do look really cool though with a decent stat roll plus they're new so of course get them.

Hunter: Gauntlets: Khepri’s Sting with 96 strength roll: Here we have the new House of Wolves Exotic Gauntlets for the hunter. These are, in my opinion, the ugliest gauntlets ever conceived. They have a live beetle on the forearm. That’s right a live beetle. WTF. They do have some cool interesting perks though, if you like to play golden gun you can now go invisible from crouching which is awesome. It also gives you 4x melee damage from behind while invisible. The stat roll of 96 is pretty crappy though, still they’re new so go get them if you got the coins.

Warlock: Chest Armor: Starfire Protocol with 130 intellect roll: I was never a big fan of this chest piece. It gives you the ability to carry an extra fusion grenade but there is already a perk in the skill tree for Sunsinger that allows carrying extra grenades and this doesn’t stack with that. The stat roll of 130 is pretty bad as it goes as high as 180. I wouldn’t bother getting these unless it’s just for the collection.

Weapon: Hardlight: One of three Exotic auto rifles in the game and only one is good……….. this ain’t the good one. Truthfully after the Auto Rifle nerf, no AR is that great anymore. It has high rate of fire and low impact so once again only get for collection purposes. 

Engram: Chest Armor: Chest armor for the third week in a row, not too exciting. If you’re still looking for Purifier Robes then have at it.
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