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Tropico 5 'Waterborne' Expansion Available for PS4

The latest expansion for Tropico 5 is now available on PS4. The Waterborne expansion brings new maps, missions, buildings, and more. Check out the full feature list below.
The ‘Waterborne’ expansion for Tropico 5 comes with a slew of new gameplay features and enhancements: such as water traffic, larger coastal areas and new events to keep even the most seasoned island rulers on their toes. An all-new campaign spanning six epic scenarios, new dialogue and story shows what marine life is all about in the waters of Tropico. Meet the beloved cast and crew of Tropico 5 once again and experience all-new wacky adventures, outrageous situations and enjoy the trademark cutting sense of political humour. All the new content and off-shore gameplay mechanics work with existing sandbox maps and multiplayer modes
• New campaign and story spanning 6 challenging missions 
• 9 new off-shore buildings and marine vehicles 
• 4 new island maps (also available for sandbox games) 
• 4 new music tracks 
• 2 new avatar costumes 
• 6 new avatar accessories 
• New sandbox tasks and events to go with the waterborne setting

The Waterborne Expansion is available now for PS4 for £15.99/€19.99/$19.99 via the PlayStation Store.

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