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Toro Review

Toro is a bullfighting simulation game. Being the first of it's kind, does it deliver an exciting new experience or is it just a bunch of bulls***?

Developer: Recotechnology S.L.
Publisher: Recotechnology S.L.
Genre: Simulation
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: May 15th 2015
Copy purchased by reviewer
If you mess with the bull...

Going into Toro, the only experiences I've had with bullfighting are videos on the internet of some dude getting his ear ripped off or something after getting gored by a bull. In other words, I knew it was dangerous and that's it. After playing the game, I wish those were still my only experiences with the sport. Now I'm not saying I want to see a man get a horn shoved up his taint but this game lacks any excitement of any kind. Simply put, Toro is boring.

The game consists of 3 game modes, Career, Quick Game and Minigames.

In Career Mode, there are 25 levels, or bullfights, to complete with the first 2 being tutorials. Each fight is that same as the last with the only things changing are the bullrings, the bull and maybe some moves you may have unlocked. There are also 3 challenges to complete during each fight, e.g. not getting gored more than 10 times, that will increase your fame and total points, which are needed to unlock fights, moves and bullrings.

Each fight consists of three stages. The first stage has you holding a cape with both hands and you do these spin moves of sorts while trying to avoid getting gored. You score points by completing these moves without getting gored and you can chain together moves for combos that will boost your points significantly. You unlock more moves as you progress through Career Mode.

The second stage is called the Banderilla stage. In this stage, the object is to stab the bull in the back with banderillas, basically these decorated harpoon looking things, without failing or getting gored. You do this by completing a quick time event.

The third stage, or Death stage, is where you hold a small red cape with one hand and do some more spin moves and the phase ends with you killing the bull with a Estoque, a.k.a. a sword. This killing of the bull is also done with a QTE.

These three stages are completed over and over and over again for every fight in career mode until you unlock and complete all fights. Needless to say, this becomes very repetitive.

Quick Game is exactly what I described for the fights in Career Mode. The difference being you can customize the settings. You can choose which bullfighter, bullring and bull you wish to use out of those you've unlocked and you can choose the duration.

Minigames consist of 2 games, Bullrunner Throw and Obstacle Course. In Bullrunner Throw, the object is to send some bent over dude flying as far as you can like a shot put by smashing him in the buttcrack with a headbutt from the bull. Your score is the distance the dude flies. The point of Obstacle Course is to use the bull to smash through as many doors as possible using a button prompt before each door while running down a hall.

There is no fun to be had with these minigames. They don't seem like there was much put into them and the only reason I can see that makes sense for them being there is to add a little variety to the game.

Graphically, Toro looks like a Playstation 2 game in 1080p and that's all there really is to say about that. The only things I found to be enjoyable about this game are the music and the fact that I learned what bullfighting actually is. Not that this makes my experience with Toro any better but hey, at least I'm a little smarter than I was yesterday.

Playing this game also prompted me to do a little research about bullfighting and I've come to find that bullfighting is a very divisive subject. Some people see it as entertainment while others see it as animal cruelty. My personal feelings on bullfighting were left out of this review on purpose. This is a video game, not reality but the reality of this video game is it's not very good.


The price of Toro is $19.99 USD. That's about $14.99 too much. If you have $20 you're looking to waste, go to a movie or PayPal me and I'll read you the dictionary over Skype for 20 minutes. There is not enough content here to justify that price tag. Not to mention it's pretty damn boring. If you're just looking for some easy gamerscore, wait for a sale.

+ Easy achievements
+ Music
-  Very Repetitive
-  Price
-  Graphics
-  Lack of Content

Score: 4/10 "Bad"

What I played: 4+ hours of Career Mode until I couldn't stand the boredom anymore, 1 Quick game and 3 Plays of each minigame.
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