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The Swindle Sneaking and Hacking to Consoles in July

Size Five Games and Curve Digital are bringing The Swindle to consoles this July. The Swindle is a mixture of platform, action and stealth gameplay where players take the role of a master thief and break into procedurally-generated buildings, hacking their systems, stealing their cash and then charging to the nearest exit to the sound of alarms and breaking glass.

Coming to PS4 on July 28th and Xbox One on July 31st. Check out the screenshots below and the announcement trailer here.

All the cash you steal from a building can be spent on upgrades - some are tools that can be activated in the field to take out guards and help you get a better haul. There is everything from bombs to help you get through walls, to bugs that will keep cash trickling in long after you've made your getaway......

When you first start The Swindle, your only way of taking out guards is to get behind them and whack 'em over the head, but as things progress you'll be able to start taking them out from a distance - here I've hacked one of the building's security drones, and it's bashed through the door and taken out a couple of guards for me. 

Spikes are one of the more basic security measures a building can have - but they're always effective. There's nothing worse than cleverly stealing all the cash from a building and on your way to the escape pod forgetting about a set of spikes and losing everything. 

The Swindle's buildings and thieves are randomly-generated. This cheeky purple-haired tea leaf is trying to decide whether it's smarter to hack her way in through the front door, or smash through the window in a blaze of glory and take out that gas-bot.

Most enemies can see you, but some have microphones attached. Being heard won't set off any alarms, but it will trigger a guard's special abilities. Here, a couple of ListenerBots have heard me, and are spewing out these mini-drones to seek out the thief and chase her away.
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