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SteamWorld Dig Review

SteamWorld Dig is a very fun and addictive platform game. This game feels like a modern day take on the classic Dig Dug. Set in the Old West you are a rootin' tootin' robot named Rusty who sets out to mine and explore caves, gather minerals, orbs, and various upgrades all along the way down to the very bottom. Danger lurks with each swing of the pick axe and be careful not to let your lantern die. The lack of light can mean sudden death if you choose to press on, or you can play it safe and head back up to the top replenish your light.

Developer: Image & Form Games
Publisher: Image & Form Games
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: June 5th, 2015
Copy provided by publisher

I first must confess I am not the greatest at platform games, and I died A LOT  on my first time playing this. SteamWorld Dig though has that unique addictive quality that it didn't frustrate me when I bought the farm, I just had to keep digging, and discovering all the goodies and caves. You start the game out with just the basic pick axe and a little advice from Dorothy who you also sell everything you find to. There are essentially 3 levels to the game, as you progress and earn enough gold you'll be able to buy better pick axes, a drill for mining through rocks and eventually a steam punch, which not only makes digging faster but it lays waste to the enemies with ease sparing you many countless deaths. As you first start making your way down the mine you will run out of light very quickly which if you are like me and have to dig everything around you it will mean taking quite a few trips back up top to sell your goods and replenish your light. Luckily they added a few transporters along your path down to the bottom and you can buy them which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

As you keep progressing down the mine the enemies will start to get tougher and definitely more traps to be wary of. In each cave whether you find large orb deposits or a new upgrade for your character, it will all be worth it once you reach the bottom as you'll have a nice set up to take on whatever lies ahead. Also the value of the minerals you find keep increasing as well along with adding two more characters to buy better upgrades from. The more gold you have the more upgrades you'll be able to buy which will only make it easier for you when you reach the bottom.

What I absolutely love about this game is you can really play how you want. You can dig and find everything or just keep digging, picking and choosing what upgrades to go for all to get to the bottom as fast as possible. It also seems to randomly generate the mine so if you play it more than once you can forget about trying to remember where all the essential upgrades are, making it a little more challenging.

Overall SteamWorld Dig is a very fun and enjoyable game. The music fits the old west theme as well. Sadly there isn't much of a story but by letting you play how you like you are compensated for the lack thereof. There are a few achievements tied to finishing it quickly, collecting orbs, earning enough gold and of course a pesky no dying achievement. Once you get the hang of this game all achievements are very possible so getting all achievements/trophies is definitely doable. If I had to say anything negative about this game, it's that it needed a few more levels to completely satisfy my digging urges and left me wanting more. If you love to dig and explore this game is a definite must buy, you won't be disappointed.

+jump and climb with ease
+digging, and digging and oh more digging!
+random generated maps so no two playthroughs are the same
+nice upgrades and perks

-too short for my digging urges

Score: 9/10 "Amazing"

What I played: 12 hrs completing 1 playthrough and started a speedrun attempt 9/14 achievements
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