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Sony is Giving Loyal Playstation Plus Members a Unique Gift

As part of the 5 year anniversary for PlayStation Plus, Sony is rewarding players who have been registered since the beginning.

E-mails are going out today stating that players will received a unique print with all of their achievements over the years.

"An anniversary gift from PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is turning five. To thank you for being a member from the very start we'd like to send you a personalized print, but we'll need your address by 13 July 2015.

Your print will be unique to you and show everything you've achieved as a PlayStation Plus member. Please supply your address before 13 July 2015 if you'd like to receive one - don't worry, we won't use your address for anything else.

We're proud to have so many dedicated players who have been with us since the beginning.

Thanks for being part of five fantastic years!"

Rewarding loyalty is something every company needs to do and I applaud Sony for doing so. Que the "where is my Xbox Live loyalty gift?" cries.
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