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Rainbow Six Siege Will Not Have Squadmates in Singleplayer

The information surrounding the singleplayer campaign of Rainbow Six Siege has been virtually nonexistent. Announced at E3 2014, we've only now received information on the Terrorist Hunt mode a year later. With only a few months to go until the official release, a few details have finally been revealed about the singleplayer campaign.

First of all, Rainbow Six Siege will indeed have a singleplayer mode. Described as "missions", this mode will likely not follow the traditional campaign narrative players are used to. The Rainbow series has traditionally been known for its multiplayer, so it isn't surprising to see the singleplayer elements take a back seat with Siege. However, the tactical squad-based aspects of the singleplayer has been a loved feature for many.

That element has been completely removed in Siege. In an interview with Eurogamer, Art Director Scott Mitchell revealed the complete removal of squadmates,

"When you're playing through single-player there are no supporting characters," Mitchell said. "But you can play as a lone wolf, as well as play the game's whole story campaign. That said, it is more difficult.

To follow up on that statement, Community Manager "Ubi_Jax" posted this on the official forums,

"Just to let you know there is a single player experience which is done through Missions. These pre-set scenarios expose the player to the content and mechanics of the Siege and are specifically designed to be played solo as a Lone Wolf, but can also be played cooperatively with up to four friends.

We'll have more news on what these missions will entail in the future.


So anyone wanting the tactical squad aspects of Rainbow Six: Vegas or Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, you'll have to find a group of friends (or strangers) to play with. Otherwise you'll be flying solo. This information is still sparse to say the least. There is still a lot we don't know about the campaign of Siege but with the release only a few months away, I fear there isn't much more to tell.

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