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QUBE Directors Cut - Against The Qlock Gameplay

QUBE Directors Cut is heading to consoles this Summer with an all new narrative and the recently announced Against The Qlock mode.
Besides an all-new narrative for the game, the 'Against The Qlock' time trial feature allows players to rate their progress against others around the world. To get a head-start on what to expect as you campaign to become the Q.U.B.E. champion, check out the footage right now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbOOAsoYxG8.

QUBE Directors Cut was featured in our Most Anticipated Indie Games list by MR BLACKMAGIK. Set in white-walled test rooms ala Portal, QUBE's puzzles revolve around the special gloves worn by the user that can manipulate various cubes to reach the exit.
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