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Possible Leaked Images of Battlefield 2143 Surface


The Reddit user that posted the images has confirmed that they are fake. Trolls will be trolls, move along.

Original Story:

Possible leaked images of Battlefield 2143 have surface online. The images were posted on Reddit by a user claiming "we were kind of being rushed around". The images do appear to be taken from a screen or slideshow presentation of some sort, which would explain the low resolution.

It has long been speculated which series DICE should return to after Star Wars Battlefront. Some fans want a return to the Bad Company series while other simply want Battlefield 5. The most recent entry into the series, Battlefield Hardline, in some respects diverged from the core series.

2143 would be a sequel to the 2006 Battlefield 2142. Set in the 22nd century, 2142 features two military superpowers - the European Union (EU) and Pan Asian Coalition (PAC) – battle for the remaining land after a new ice age. The game was launched for Windows and Mac and featured classic Battlefield elements such as 64 player multiplayer, large vehicles, Conquest, and more.

DICE has yet to reveal any plans for the Battlefield series. As of now the team is also working on Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

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