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Playstation 4: Easy Trophy Games Pt. 2

Ever wanted to get all of trophies in 12 different PS4 games in 6 hours or less? Well if you haven't heard already, The Arcade Archives series has made that possible. All of these games are $7.99 USD each, feature the same quick and easy trophy list, e.g. open menus and beat and upload high scores, and take between 5 and 40 minutes to complete, give or take. It seems like one of these games is released every week or two so I wouldn't be surprised to see this list grow in the near future.

Here is a list of each of the games in the Arcade Archives series (so far) with the high score to beat. And I've put together a quick guide on how to complete these games and the trophy list(s) below.

Arcade Archives: DOUBLE DRAGON
High score to beat: 20,000 points

High score to beat: 30,000 points

Arcade Archives: MOON CRESTA
High score to beat: 5,000 points

Arcade Archives: RYGAR
High score to beat: 30,000 points

Arcade Archives: City CONNECTION
High score to beat: Not really sure with this one, I placed in the top ten with 109,900 points and got the trophies.

Arcade Archives: CRAZY CLIMBER
High score to beat: 20,000 points

High score to beat: 20,000 points

High score to beat: 57,300 points

High score to beat: 20,000 points

High score to beat: 50,000 points

High score to beat: 25,000 points

Arcade Archives: Raiders5
High score to beat: 30,000 points

Guide: Once you get to the main menu on each game, use the touch pad on the PS4 controller to open the options menu. All you have to do from there is open each menu option that has a trophy. With those 7 trophies out of the way, all you need to do now is play the game and get the high score and make sure you select yes when the game asks if you want to upload your score. Once I had the high score for each game, I just died on purpose to unlock the trophies. 

Trophy List(s):

Settings can be accessed from here
Option menu opened

Aim to be the best!
Online rankings opened

Set button configuration
Button settings opened

Optimal display settings
Display settings opened

Customize game settings
Game settings opened

The manual has been read
All of the manual has been read

Game reset.
The game has been reset

Mark high score
High score has been updated

Record Score
The score has been posted in the online rankings

Tips: You can set the game to the easiest difficulty and max lives in the game settings menu and still get the trophies. You can also open the options menu at any point while playing the game using the touch pad and create a save. This allows you to save your progress mid game and comes in handy if you're having trouble reaching the high score and don't want to start over. If you mess up and want to pick up where your save is, all you have to do is close the application and start it back up. Once you get to the main menu and press the options button, the game will load right into the point you made the save. The video guide below demonstrates these tips. The same process works for all of the games on this list.

For a few more easy completions, check out our article 5 Easy Playstation 4 Trophy Games That Are Also Cross-Buy
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