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MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Racing to Xbox One and PS4

Nordic Games has announced that MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore will be heading to current generation consoles in Q4 2015.
“We are excited to move forward to the current generation with MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore” comments Roger Joswig, Producer at Nordic Games. “We prepared a lot of exclusive and new stuff for this version and hope that players enjoy the fully loaded version as much as we do.“
The list of new changes, features, and updated content is a little overwhelming..

New Features for Current Gen
- 12 Outdoor Nationals tracks from MX vs. ATV Alive
- 2 Open World environments from MX vs. ATV Alive
- Free Ride – Explore the world by yourself or with your friends online.
- Waypoint – A fan favorite available for the first time with the Alive environments. Find the quickest path to reach all of the gates before your competition does.
- Brand new and updated 2015 apparel, licensed from top Motocross companies
- 5 Rhythm Racing tracks - A new game mode and first for the MX vs. ATV series. Drag race your friends down straightened out Supercross dirt tracks filled with obstacles and jumps. Practice your Rhythm Racing by yourself in single player or take on your friends online and with split screen racing.

Updated Content:
- Updated high-res rider models, bikes, and track textures which are rendered in true HD.
- The entire audio system has been re-mastered which includes adding in for the first time 3D positional and new environmental effects. This new audio results in a more clear and immersive high definition experience for the player.
- Smoother online play.
- Introducing a tutorial section explaining controls and pro tips offering guidance for newcomers to the series.
- New UI elements with an improved flow

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