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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain To Include Microtransactions?

It looks as though Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may include some sort of micro-transactions according to a few different sources. To start, the Italian PlayStation Store's pre-order page reads “Acquisti in-game opzionali” which translates to "Optional in-game purchases".

According to a Portuguese preview of the game by http://jogos.uol.com.br, which has since been removed (unless my translation/detective skills have failed me), the previewer stated,

“The second point worries me more: I believe to have found micro transactions in the game. I’ll explain my findings so you can form your own opinion. when you are expanding your base, you generally assign labors to a team. You can even send groups of soldiers to complete simple missions by paying them.”

“Up until now, all is good. The problem is that once i requested an operation that would last, say 4 hours, and I noticed an option to finish it immediately. After selecting it I got an error message that indicated that certain options were not available without PSN access. Does this mean it requires a payment to be authorized to complete these time related tasks? This does not confirm in any way there are micro transactions, it is though a red light for me. Let’s grant Konami and Kojima Productions the benefit of the doubt, it could be an online interaction with Ground Zeroes or an app for i0S or Android. In any case, and even though if they are micro transactions, it would be important to judge how they are implemented.”

So there you have it. Members of Konami have yet to clarify on this point and the evidence is somewhat vague at the moment. Recently Otsuka Akio, voice actor for Big Boss, revealed that there will be a new trailer for TPP at this years E3. Keep it locked on DRM for more information as we get closer to the September 1st release date.
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