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E3 2015: Xbox One Elite Controller

Microsoft has announced a new wireless controller for the Xbox One. The Elite controller lets players customize to their hears content and finally rivals third-party controllers. Check out the huge list of features below.

• Four "paddle" buttons on the back which replicate other normal buttons. That can be reached by middle and ring fingers 
• The paddles are also removable and replaceable, as are the controller's d-pad and twin joysticks 
• The Elite controller will ship with a total of three joystick-head options, along with two lengths of paddle and two types of d-pad 
• The Elite controller also includes a 3.5 mm headset jack. 
• Compatible with Windows 10. 
• The heavier controller benefits from a soft-touch plastic paint top-coat—whose "two-shot process" of manufacturing supposedly means none of its materials will fade in color—along with a new steel construction that, combined with a low-friction resin, guarantees a "zero wear" joystick. 
• A "hair-trigger" dial that lets players adjust how far they must press on the two trigger buttons before the system recognizes the presses as full. 
• An app for making controller adjustments, all of which will be saved to the controller's firmware.  

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