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E3 2015: What to Expect from Square Enix

The final press conference for console gamers is almost here. What a week it has been so far, with every company bringing their A game (except EA) this has been one of the best E3 events in recent memory. But will Square Enix be able to live up to the exceptionally high standards of the other conferences? Let's take a look at what they might have.

Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Hitman

Having been announced with a CGI trailer a couple months ago and being scheduled to come "soon", hopefully we will get to see some actual gameplay footage of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It has also been rumored to be coming out THIS year. Which after the last couple of days is looking insanely packed.

We have already seen a decent amount of Lara at Microsoft's Conference, but it's not hard to imagine that Square will show this off some more at theirs, unless of course they already have their schedule full with bigger and better things!

Just announced at Sony's conference last night with a brief CGI trailer, titled "Hitman". Hopefully they expand on details on this game and maybe if we are lucky, some gameplay!

Final Fantasy

There is lots of Final Fantasy to show off this year, whether or not we see it all at Square's event remains to be seen. I'm sure we will see more from Final Fantasy XV. But will we see more from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Or the newly announced "World of Final Fantasy"? There is also the imminent release of the expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward. Whatever they decide to show from the franchise, one thing is for sure, it's a great time to be a Final Fantasy fan!

The Rest

Square Enix has a huge library of games at their disposal, and while I doubt we will see anything from my wishlist, I'm sure we will see lots of other exciting things. Just Cause 3 is shaping up nicely and a live demo would be ace for that. Kingdom Hearts 3 is also still lacking in the information department so I would expect something for that game. Maybe we will see something more from Life is Strange? The only big game left to expect (that hasn been announced) is the new Star Ocean,"Integrity and Faithlessness". After the lukewarm reception to the "The Last Hope" Square will be looking to wow people with this one!
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