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E3 2015: What to Expect from Sony

Our E3 2015 coverage continues! Sony is coming up today and after Microsoft absolutely killed it at their press conference, they have a huge goal to try and achieve. So what can we expect from them at their conference later tonight?


Sony have said themselves that their fall line up is sparse. However they do still have a solid set of games coming before the years end. Hopefully we get to see some more from the likes of Until Dawn and the Uncharted Collection. Yes Uncharted is yet another remaster but the quality of those games is so high that I am very excited to play them. They have teased some new features that hopefully they will show more of. Until Dawn on the other hand is a new IP and shows a a lot of promise. With an August 25th release date and not a huge amount shown for it, E3 would be the perfect platform to show it off. One game that we haven't heard a whole lot about is Deep Down. Many rumours have circulated about what the game is exactly, but hopefully this can be cleared up today and some more shown for this exclusive, which is still apparently scheduled for this year.

Moving into their 2016 line up I'm sure we will see Uncharted 4. What has been shown previously has looking incredible. Whether or not they can wow us a second time is something I will be waiting to see. The re-imagining of Rachet and Clank is also scheduled for 2016, not quite a remaster but something that I'm sure a lot of people aren't clamoring to see more of. Hopefully we get to see some some footage from the first next gen Gran Turismo!


Sony's VR headset is sure to appear at the conference. The Oculus Rift competitor has had some rumours lately concerning a huge price tag, Hopefully Sony can confirm these to not be true! Some gameplay from within the headset would be cool to see. I'm not sure how this would can be displayed to us as viewers, but hopefully they can figure it out! Personally I would like to see a first person shooter shown off with the equipment. But can VR prove itself to be more than a gimmick?

The Rest

No Man's Sky is almost certainly going to be shown, given how huge the indie has become in the last couple of years. and being exclusive (or at least timed), it's a game they will want to show off to entice people onto the system. Tearaway Unfolded, the sequel to the hit Vita game, could possibly be shown along with maybe some gameplay from the imminent God of War 3 remaster. Who knows maybe we will see something for an all new God of War game! However it turns out I'm sure we will see stuff for the Vita and some more Indie stuff for the PS4. It's going to take a lot to top Microsoft's though!
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