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Did Bungie Use a Fan-Made Boss Fight for The Taken King?

Popular Destiny player Datto created his own fan-made Raid Boss fight back in March. The full video can be viewed here but lets review the finer points of the fight:

• Circular room with high walls
• Fixate ability locks onto a player
• Spinning laser walls that you need to run from
• Power Core needs to be placed into a generator

At E3 2015, Bungie and Community Manager DeeJ where promoting the new Taken King expanison for Destiny. In an interview with PlayStation, a few short clips of the Raid Boss where shown off and the resemblance is uncanny.

The video shows a circular room with high walls, a debuff titled "Medusa's Stare" while the boss is aiming at one player, two laser walls the players are running from, and a blue core players take out of one machine and put in another.

Is this a mere coincidence or did Bungie actually use Datto's Raid Boss ideas? Datto himself thinks it is a big coincidence and that Bungie likely has been working on the Raid Boss long before he made his video. Although I doubt he would call them out publicly if he thought otherwise.

I doubt we'll ever know the truth, but I personally would not be surprised if this were true. Bungie's lack of a Raid in the recent House of Wolves expansion gives me doubt in their ability to quickly make high quality Raids.

The Taken King launches September 15th on disc and digital download. Limited and Collectors Editions are available for pre-order and the expansion is confirmed to add new achievements/trophies.
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  1. meh, there are so many things out there that no matter what scenario or idea they come up with(or other developers for that matter) that if you look long enough you can probably find someone that can make similar claims.

    1. It's most likely a coincidence. But still pretty crazy though!


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