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Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Videos

The DRM Gamecast has been busy playing Batman Arkham Knight this week. Here are a few gameplay clips from the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

Azrael's Atonement AR Challenge

This is a Combat AR Challenge that is unlocked after completing the Azrael's side-missions. It's an "infinite" combat challenge in which Azrael has very little health, so one hit and it's all over. This challenge highlights one clear fact: Arkham Combat is KING!

Come on Batmobile!

Bond calls in the Batmobile... to his own demise. Maybe it should have been programmed to be a little less flashy on the entrance.

Move Bats! Get out the way!

Bond runs into a glitch where he became stuck on Batman's head.

Environmental Takedowns

A new addition to Arkham Knight are the Environmental Takedowns. Magic shows off one of the coolest variations, on a brute enemy no less!

The Imaginary Thug

It looks like Bond got hit with the Fear Toxin as he encounters an enemy that isn't really there...

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