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Wolfenstein The Old Blood - Challenge Map Guides

These are videos for all of the challenge maps in Wolfenstein The Old Blood. All of these videos were played on the "I Am Death Incarnate" difficulty.

To obtain Gold, you must be playing on "I Am Death Incarnate" or "Uber" difficulty. The gold medal requirements are listed for each map. For higher scores go for headshots (600 points) and try to keep your combo active as you receive an extra 200 points for each kill in the combo.

Research Centre (11,300)

Prison Docks (29,800)

Even though you can stealth through this section, you will not receive enough points for Gold if you do. To obtain enough score, stealth kill the first Captain and then kill every enemy before reaching the second Captain. After you kill the second Captain, kill every enemy before activating the boat. For higher scores go for headshots (600 points) and try to keep your combo active as you receive an extra 200 points for each kill in the combo.

Keep Foyer (24,500)

Cable Car Platform (26,600)

Avoid the two Captains and kill all of the other enemies first. I also avoided the large enemy until everyone else was dead. After that, jump into the control room and pull the lever. I killed every enemy before I entering the Cable Car.

Caves (26,900)

After you kill all the enemies in the cave and head towards the elevator to exit the challenge, stop and wait as more enemies will spawn and run towards you. I was not able to get Gold without killing these enemies.

Paderborn Bridge (22,800)

Save some sniper ammo for the second area to quickly take out the Drones and to help with the large enemy on the second wave. For the mech dog, quickly pick up the Machine Gun to kill it. After that just mop up the last group of enemies.

Wulfburg Square (17,600)

For this challenge I stayed up top in the sniper tower located in the center of the area. Use the sniper to take out both of the Super soldiers and one of the Captains. After that, take your time and finish off the rest of the enemies in the area.

Workshop (17,200)

Bathhouse (17,100)

This challenge was fairly difficult for me. You really have to keep your combo going in order to get enough points. Aim for the head and try to combo every kill.

Graveyard (28,800)

To reach Gold, you must enter the side area located to the right of where you begin. I saved this area until after I killed the main group of enemies.
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  1. I like your tactic for the Square and it worked for me, but I have to say standing in one spot and headshooting enemies with the assault rifle in the Bathhouse and the Workshop is nigh on impossible. For one thing, on Incarnate difficulty, you will get showered in grenades if you stay in one spot for more than a few seconds, and the assault rifle will rarely kill anyone with just 3 shots like you were doing in the video. To complete either of these challenges, you need to headshot and combo kill every enemy there, and that's just too hard to be sensible.

  2. Not sure why you think playing on Uber is a good idea. You still need the same number of points for the gold, the kills still give you the same score, and you take more damage.

  3. The top guy sounds like a douche just going "reply" like that aha butthurt he cant do the challenge I guess

    1. You do realize, that he didnt write the reply, but that it auto adds that to every comment, right? You look like a tool.

  4. Nothing makes me hate a game like a good old tacked on challenge / score attack mode to make the game seem like more than it is. Give me a tougher live / die type trial / hoard mode instead of this crap. It makes no sense to have a mode with scores when there hasn't been any score keeping the whole game. New Order for life...Old Blood....blah...

    PS: I also hate games that have a score / rating system in the whole game. Just let me play and either beat the game or not.


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