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Warframe Vs. Neverwinter - Which Is The Better Free to Play Model

By oVo Pandora oVo

Warframe Vs. Neverwinter. Which is the better free-to-play model? While they are different genres they do have a few similarities, but this is more about which model is best.


Warframe is a cooperative third person shooter game. Every mission in the game can be done alone or with a group of 4. You have hundreds of primary, secondary, and melee weapons to choose from, most of which you can buy the blueprints to make, some come in alerts and others can be obtained in a clan dojo. There are over 23 different Warframes to choose from all with different powers and abilities. You can either have a Kubrow which is a dog companion or Sentinel's which are basically little flying robots that have different abilities and weapons too. Your max rank for weapons and Warframes is 30 but what can separate you from another player are the Mods for the weapons and Warframes. There are so many different types of mods that you really don't feel limited in how you choose to play. You also have a player Mastery Level which for the Xbox One is 18, PC version is a little higher, but basically it means every time you max a weapon ,companion or Warframe out you gain experience towards a mastery rank which the higher you are gives you perks like more trading per day and more inventory slots. Finally the in game currency is called Platinum which can range in price from $4.99-$149.99


Neverwinter is a typical MMORPG, you have your Healers, Tanks, Rogues, Wizards, Humans, and a few other types to round out the characters. Each class has different abilities and powers, your max rank is level 60 and upon reaching the max you do keep leveling but the only real incentive I've noticed is you keep gaining power points which you can use to fully max out all your powers. You also have companions that have their own abilities and add to your overall stats as well and there are plenty to choose from. There's really only a handful of different choices when it comes to your armor and weapons, and when it comes to the top tier stuff it gets even fewer. You also have a good selection of mounts you can buy to ride around the world on. Finally the primary in-game currency is called Zen which ranges in price from $4.99-199.99

Now that you know the jist of each game, I am not going to argue over style because I believe you can still have the same model of gameplay regardless if it's a shooter or RPG. So let's break it down now.

Better Cooperative Play: Let me first concede any co-op game is by far better when you play with a group of your friends but for people like me who don't really have a set group and tend to play with a lot of randoms, Warframe wins this category hands down. Now in Neverwinter it is best to solo the campaign but unless you have your set group of 5 or belong to a guild, playing dungeons with randoms is way too frustrating. The majority can easily kick you if aren't what they want, which is usually a healer or tank, so playing by yourself is just way too much of a headache. The game pretty much steers you towards joining a guild or at least finding a solid group. While Warframe is best playing in groups, you can solo about 90% of the planets missions. However, you can join void missions and any other mission and still accomplish your goals regardless if they are random or not with far less of a headache.

Better Characters and Customizations: Warframe wins again. Neverwinter should have way more of a variety being an RPG in my opinion but sadly there really isn't a lot to choose from. You really only have a handful of different weapon and armor sets to choose from, while it does have a few more skin choices being the fashion outfits, that is about all. Warframe characters are similar to Neverwinter in that you have rogue, tank, healer, range, and wizard type warframes. But these are far superior perhaps because on top of each of their own unique abilities, you have a wide variety of weapons you can use as well. You only have two choices when it comes to the skin of your character, but you do have a lot of accessories and way more color variations then Neverwinter which makes up for the lack of your overall appearance. In Neverwinter it just doesn't seem like your weapon really matters, it's all lumped into your gear/stats while Warframe you use your abilites and shoot or melee, perhaps because it's a shooter but regardless they still feel separate. Basically in Warframe I could easily just shoot people without ever using my abilities, while in Neverwinter everything is just mashed together so there is no clear distinction between your weapon and powers.

Better Bang for your Buck: Warframe takes the prize again. I must first say I am a cheap ass person, I hate spending money on useless things like accessories, colors, customizing characters etc... However I confess I have spent around $140 in Warframe and I will never spend a dime Neverwinter. Here is why, what Warframe does the best is it never pushes you to buy Platinum. Now if you have zero patience in waiting 3 days for a weapon to be finished or warframe, then shame on you for giving into the no patience urge. By doing void mission you can earn rewards which then those parts or blueprints can be sold for Platinum. The prices for stuff are more reasonable and I have noticed Platinum tends to go on sale quite often, it's on sale right now as I write this article. Overall you can enjoy Warframe without ever being enticed to buy Platinum, and still earn plenty of it to buy anything you want in the game and never feel the need to spend money.

Neverwinter is horrible in this regard. It entices you left and right by constantly telling you "so and so has unlocked this or that" from these boxes that you can open for $1.25 per key. But they make it seem like the odds of you getting these legendary items, companions, mounts, etc. is so common, when in fact it's not. I bought at least 10 of these keys because I bought into the chance of getting something good, and I got crap and more crap. It takes forever to earn enough astral diamonds to buy zen with because you don't get much in return. Everything cost too much in the zen market, even the astral diamond purchases are a joke you truly have to be a high ranked player, with a completed campaign, to even start to earn decent astral diamonds when selling your stuff at the auction. Quite frankly I've not spent a dime in this game. I've had a few things given to me but playing somewhat solo I am nowhere in this game as far as loot and gear, partly because I have spent my diamonds poorly buying those damn boxes getting crap in return, but mainly that it really does take awhile when you don't spend your own money to get anything good. It is only now that it's starting to become too much of a chore doing the exact same thing each and every day with little benefit. Neverwinter is the worst at microtransactions hands down. It really seems like if you don't spend some money you'll be at this game for quite awhile getting nowhere.

Overall I prefer Warframe if you didn't notice, I firmly believe more companies need to incorporate this model because they don't shove microtransactions down your throat. I don't feel like I am being nickel and dimed playing Warframe. While yes you will spend a lot of time grinding for platinum or leveling but in my opinion you are rewarded far earlier then in Neverwinter. Neverwinter does have a lot of flaws, but while I enjoy RPG's it is getting a little boring because I won't spend money to get higher gear and it just takes too long to earn zen or diamonds in the game. I do like Neverwinter it does have a few things more MMO's need like an Auction House and it does seem like they have some sort of event at least once a week and perhaps the upcoming expansions might be fun but sadly it is just a daily bore fest now. While Warframe I will go back to when they have their updates or new events because it is more enjoyable for me. I guess my next big hope for a decent MMORPG is Elder Scrolls Online and being my favorite RPG series I am looking forward to it.
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