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Underwater Adventure 'Anoxemia' Coming to Consoles in 2015

BSK Games Co. and Badland Indie have teamed up to bring their underwater, adventure game Anoxemia to Xbox One and PS4 this year. Slated for a Q4 release (October-December), Anoxemia followers a Dr. Bailey after his submarine crashed. Take a look at the full description and concept art below.

Anoxemia is a slow-paced exploration adventure game. It takes place under the sea shortly after Dr. Bailey’s submarine crashes, leaving him stranded on the ocean floor. Communications with the surface are down, but since he’s got a diving suit and an operations drone (ATMA), he figures he might as well carry out his mission.

Move the drone around the screen and Dr. Bailey will immediately follow. Lead him through twisty passageways and complex caverns, nab upgrades and items like harpoons and dynamite, collect seaweed samples, and pick up O2 canisters to keep your supply topped up. It’s a big, dark world out there, and the mystery of why your sub crashed isn't going to solve itself.

Anoxemia keeps a tight focus on the plot. It plays with storytelling methods both subtle and not so subtle, creating an amazing sense of tension and intrigue. The story is introduced with a short comic and some spoken narration by Dr. Bailey. Most of the character development occurs when the doctor makes comments to himself during gameplay, thinking out loud

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