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Toren: Trophy Video Guides

Having trouble getting a few of the missable trophies in Toren for the Playstation 4? These videos can help!

Little Warrior 
Get the Chainmail

This is done in chapter 1 in the same room that you uncover the well to allow the tree of life to grow. Chapters aren't numbered in chapter select so if you're using that to go back and get the trophy, just look for the same picture in the video of Moonchild staring upwards.

Little Monk
Get the Mask

This is done in chapter 7. Immediately after you retrieve the sword from the ground, head back to the room you planted the tree at the start of the game.

Dark Knight
Get Stronger

This is done in chapter 9. After you complete the fourth dream “Justice”, you can go back to the deer near the first ladder that you climb in the game and get this trophy or load up chapter 9 from the main menu.

If you'd like more info on this game, be sure to check out our Toren review.
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