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The Evil Within - The Executioner Review

By Richard "Bond OO7" Walkerdine

The third and final DLC has arrived for Bethesda's "Survival Horror" game, and while the other two add-ons have been surprisingly good at fitting right into that genre (even more so than the base game), it's not hard to see that this one is not going to be anything like either Julie's or Sebastian's story. But can it still deliver some fun or is the game ending on a low note?

Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: 26th May 2015
Copy purchased by the reviewer
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First thing you will notice when you load up The Executioner is the fact the game has shifted from the 3rd person perspective to the 1st. The second thing you will notice is the fact that your whole screen is being used. That's right, no more letterbox! This 2 things alone make this add on feel like a whole new game. This is a double edged sword. While it does make the game feel incredibly fresh, fans of the formula from the rest of the package will be sorely disappointed. All sense of horror is gone.

What it is replaced by though is actually quite fun. You are thrown into the shoes of the infamous "Keeper" that you met in the main game. Wielding a gigantic meat tenderiser and a sporting a safe on your head, you are tasked with trying to get your daughter out of STEM. To do so you must sever the connection of all the other clients inside. This sets up the content for you to run around smashing in enemies faces and covering the walls in blood. The main setting is within the mansion, however you do get teleported around to other familiar locations.

These other locations are the homes of the DLC's bosses, which also come in the form of some familiar faces. These are also the clients that you must kill in order to sever their connection. You will also fight the standard haunted and can enter various portals on the wall to fight waves of enemies. The standard enemies are a lot of fun to fight and the execution animations are extremely bloody and cool to look at. However you will run of of new ones to see pretty quickly, more of these would have made it so much better. The bosses on the whole are pretty fun to fight but 2 in particular felt more annoying than fun. The 3rd boss and the bonus boss both have firearms in which they can shoot you across the room with. Meanwhile you are left with melee weapons to fight them with and it's incredibly frustrating trying to get close enough to inflict damage.

How you go about killing as actually really cool. You start out with just a hammer and few barbed wire traps. These alone are a lot of fun to play with. Bludgeoning enemies with the hammer is incredibly satisfying and will bring out the sadist in anyone. However that's not all you can use. Collecting coins, which you get from smashing boxes and defeating enemies (making that wave based combat more useful than it first appears.), will enable you to purchase upgrades. Upgrades range from your run of the mill health upgrades to being able to purchase the weapons that the bosses drop. Using the chainsaw and the sword are also extremely fun to use although they both have limited uses.

I was surprised at the length of the content to be honest. It feels like it will end once you get through the various rooms of the mansion but it goes past that into the basement. While you will almost definitely finish it in about 2 hours it feels like you got your moneys worth, especially at the very low asking price. There is also a a lot of replay value. Not only can you carry your upgrades over to subsequent playthroughs, the game also unlocks an additional boss fight and a new arena to fight enemies in.

Overall The Executioner is a very good piece of content and for the asking price is hard not to recommend. However the shift in genre may upset some people and that is very understandable. If you are looking for something mindless to play with lots of blood then look no further!

+Value for Money
+Upgrade System
-2 firearm bosses
-A genre leap from the rest of the package
-Lack of variety in execution animations

Score: 7/10 "Good"

What I Played: Spent around 3 hours beating the content once and then jumping back in for some more bloody action.

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