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The 15 Most Requested Features for Xbox One

After 17+ months since the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft's new console has been on a roller coaster ride to say the least. The Xbox One has been in an uphill battle with the PS4 since the day it hit shelves but even more importantly it has been in a battle with fans. As gamers everywhere decide which next generation console to go to, those who already have an Xbox One have a few concerns themselves. Xbox Feedback lets gamers voice their opinions on the changes and improvements they want to see with the Xbox brand. That includes everything from Kinect and games, to Windows 10 and the Xbox Store. Here are the Top 15 Most Request Features by Votes as of 5/8/15.

1. Cheaper Xbox One Digital Games - 21,266 Votes

The number one requested feature is to have cheaper digital games compared to their retail counterparts. A reasonable request considering there is no reason why a digital game which removes the added costs of shipping, packaging, and the manufacture of the physical discs should cost the same amount as a retail copy. If developers and publishers truly want a digital future, this would be a good starting point.

2. Play Background Music without Snapping - 18,670 Votes

The snap feature has been a nuisance from the start. The main issues is that most gamers don't want to play with 1/4 of their screen being cut off. Apps can already run in the background so it shouldn't be hard for Xbox to make the music app continue to play in the background without being snapped.

3. Backwards Compatibility with the Xbox 360 - 16,321 Votes

I was a little surprised to see backwards compatibility below background music, but maybe that's due to some people knowing that this is a pipe dream that will likely never happen. Microsoft knows people desperately want to see it implemented but with all the changes in hardware it simply might not be possible. Backwards compatibility sure would make some waves at E3 though! But then what would happen to all the remasters?

4. Gears of War Collection - 11,353 Votes

This feature might be close to becoming a reality if rumors and leaks are to be believed. In late April, Kotaku and Polygon both ran articles on a possible Gears of War remaster. Will it be a collection? Will it include Judgement? All DLC's? 60 frames per second? I'm sure we won't have to wait long for those questions to be answered.

5. Free Xbox Music for Gold Members - 10,100 Votes

Free games every month isn't enough apparently. We need free music too! Xbox Music is currently priced at $10/month ($120/year). With a subscription you have unlimited, ad-free streaming to all of your connected devices. Free might be pushing it a little, but a discount for current Xbox Live Gold Members could be an option.

6. User Chosen Game with Gold - 8,838 Votes

One of the most loved yet most hated additions of the Xbox One - Games with Gold. On one hand you get free games every month. On the other, the library of games is still relatively small and most of the games are indie or old. If Microsoft were to implement a voting feature, it could be the best of both worlds. They could possibly have a selection of 5 games every month that gamers could vote on and the two with the most votes would be free that month. That way at least the majority of voters would be happy... right?

7. Cortana - 8,096 Votes

Cortana, the Microsoft equivalent of Siri. Implementing Cortana as a feature for the Xbox One is beyond me. With Kinect, you can already directly tell your Xbox to go to an app, game, store, etc. So what would Cortana even do? Respond with "Yes, you are the best gamer."? We need real additions people, not gimmicks!

8. Dashboard Customization - 8,034 Votes

The lack of theme support really highlights the difference between the dashboard on the Xbox 360 compared to the Xbox One. But with the recent addition to allow custom background images and transparent tiles, I'm not sure what else we could possibly need?

9. The Ability to Convert Physical Games to Digital - 7,884 Votes

From a technical standpoint, this should be possible. Every game on the Xbox One has to be installed to the hard drive. It doesn't seem too much of a stretch to allow a complete download of the game to the point where the disc isn't required. The most obvious reason why this most likely won't happen is theft. Anyone would be able to rent or borrow a game and download the entire digital version to their console. Microsoft would have to create a fairly robust system to prevent that.

10. Faster Operating System - 7,577 Votes

Now we're getting somewhere! The OS for the Xbox One is noticeably slower compared to the Xbox 360. In this case, I think the transition to an apps based system is the root of the issue. Apps such as Party, Friends, Achievements, and Messages used to be baked right into the OS on 360 and were immediately accessible through the Guide Button. Now everything has its own separate app and although Microsoft tried to implement a pseudo-guide button, apps just aren't as fast to access.

11. Rewards For Getting 1,000 Gamerscore in Games - 7,225 Votes

Another pipe dream. It would be nice to get some sort of reward for getting all of the achievements in a game. But what would that reward be? A gamer picture? Achievement artwork? Money? I don't think gamers would be happy for anything less than cold hold cash and that simply will never happen. Why? It's too easy to get 1,000 gamerscore in a game. Even if there is a way to somehow differentiate the original 1000 from additional DLC achievements, you still have the issue of glitches, exploits, guides, boosting, un-obtainable achievements, and more that would cause constant headaches for the Xbox team. Not to mention they would basically be handing out sacks of money to every member of XboxAchievements.com and TrueAchievements.com

12. Upcoming Game Calendar App - 7,135 Votes

A very handy and easily implemented request. The Xbox Store is a mess. Unless the game you're looking for came out five minutes ago, good luck finding it. For anyone wanting to just browse the store it's really not that well organized. An upcoming calender app would be a very neat way to keep an eye out on upcoming games. But we run our own monthly games list an I know what a pain in the ass it can be to maintain it. Especially with indie devlopers announcing their game three days before release.

13. Movies With Gold - 6,859 Votes

Similar to the music, we need some free movies to go with our free games. With the vast amount of movies in the Xbox Store, I could actually see this one being implemented. A couple of old movies being free for a month shouldn't be that expensive and it could entice gamers to spend more money on new releases.

14. Show Download Speed While Downloading a Game - 6,709 Votes

Games aren't getting smaller anytime soon. With pre-loading not being a consistent option yet, gamers initial impression of a digital games ends up being a 20 minute progress bar. It sucks but that's the world we live in. Although I'm not sure how the knowledge of your internet being terrible helps you to play the game faster....

15. The Ability to Disable Auto-Recording of Game Clips - 6,600 Votes

The 15th highest voted feature is to implement an option to disable auto-recording. How in the world is this so low! I can see it being under backwards compatibility. Maybe even free Xbox Music. But people want Cortana more than this!?!? The Auto-Record Game DVR feature has to be one of the most annoying of all the new features of the Xbox One. Some games are worse than others (Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3), but gamers need the option to disable it regardless. Currently the only way to disable it is to turn off the Game DVR feature completely. Which means you will not be able to record any clips or even stream on Twitch. The newly released State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition has an in-game option to turn the feature off. If Microsoft won't do it, we'll have to rely on the developers.

That's the Top 15 Most Request Features for the Xbox One. Let us know which ones you agree with and if there are any that you want included in the comments below.
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