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Slice Zombies for Kinect Review

Playing Slice Zombies is a firm reminder of why the Kinect is hated by so much of the gaming community. There are only a handful of quality games that utilize it fully, (and by handful I mean three) and beyond that it just turns into a shovelware land fill of crap. Slice Zombies gleefully (and arguably purposefully) throws itself right on top of that pile.

Developer: MADE GmbH
Publisher: MADE GmbH
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: May 8th, 2015
Copy provided by publisher

Basically this game is a cash grab of a much better game known as Fruit Ninja, specifically the Kinect version of that game which just recently had a sequel come out on Xbox One. Replace the fruit with zombies and voila you have Slice Zombies. Now don’t get me wrong I rather like Fruit Ninja and I'm not that mad that Slice Zombies has copied that games shtick, the problem is how poorly it has been done. There is a grand total of one game mode… that’s right one. Don’t spoil me game.

In this one game mode you are given about one minute to score as many points as you can by.... you guessed it…. slicing zombies (these zombies look suspiciously like they belong in a Plants vs. Zombies game). You are allowed three strikes to start with and you accumulate strikes by missing a zombie or hitting a bomb, so don’t do that. They also throw coins up for you to slice that can be used to buy items at the games store. Once you've purchased everything you've beat the game. Congratulations, queue the credits. That’s not a joke by the way.

I will say the menu music is a rather catchy little beat, but there isn't any music at all during gameplay, just slicing noises. I suppose I should be grateful for those, as the game could have just been completely muted.

Beyond that, all that is left is the store where you buy pretty much the same stuff that you would in a Fruit Ninja game: backgrounds, slicing effects, etc., but it does include bonuses that can be purchased that give you items like extra lives and double points which is a good thing since the Kinect tracking on this game is horrific. The first rule of making a Kinect game is making sure it tracks all your movements well and this game fails at that. Too far left or right are usually a no go and if a zombie is at the bottom of the screen then you can forget it and hope you’re not on your last strike. At first I thought maybe it was just my Kinect tracking poorly but Rand al Thor played it as well and had the same problems. So give me a "hell yeah!" for quality control.

So by now you’re wondering if there is any reason anyone would ever play this. Well if you’re into achievement then I’m happy to report it is an easy 1000 gamerscore. So if that’s your bag and you don’t mind paying $10 then have at it. Everyone else should stay far, far away from this uninspired game.

+ the title doesn’t lie, you do indeed slice zombies
- borrows to much from Fruit Ninja and other games
- poor Kinect tracking
- its $11 too expensive

Score: 2/10 "Garbage"

What I Played: 6 hours purchasing all items in the store and unlocking all 17 achievements.
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  1. It can't be that bad if it has zombies in it....

  2. I literally burst out laughing when I read your positive in the summary... Nice review. I was actually waiting to see if it was easy prior to buying.

    1. You should check out DOA's summary of Ori and The Blind Forest


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