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Mirada Studios and the Fallout 4 Fiasco

As we get closer and closer to E3, fans are scouring the internet for any morsel of Fallout 4 information that they can find. Today, they got something real.

Most rumors usually turn out to be phony images, websites, etc. that are purely fabricated. This time, an employee of Guillermo del Toro's production company Mirada Studios updated their LinkedIn account to with "Fallout 4 cinematic trailer".

Of course the internet ran wild with the story. Prompting gaming websites big and small to cover the story. To make matters worse, Mirada Studios tried to break the number one rule on the internet: attempting to remove something from the internet. In a desperate attempt, they began emailing all of the big outlets and demanding them to remove the article as it was a breach in NDA.

Here is one e-mail NeoGAF user salromano received:

Come on Caroline, you should know better. Trying to tell people to take something down on the internet only makes me more interested in what you want removed. Not to mention this is Fallout 4 related! Fans already don't need any more of an excuse than the fact that it's Fallout 4 related.

Another recent rumor puts a 20-30 minute Fallout 4 video at Bethesda's E3 press conference. With only a few weeks away, this all seems too much for Bethesda to not be working (and planning a swift release) for Fallout 4. Only a few more weeks everyone!
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