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Lifeless Planet Quick Review

Lifeless Planet has the feel of a classic sci-fi adventure game, it reminds me of old TV shows like The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. You crash land on a planet looking for life only to discover a dead wasteland where life once was, and a strange green blooded Russian woman who helps you along the way. You start to question if you ever left earth or is this just an elaborate hoax the Russians created. It's only through traversing the planet do you uncover the truth about what happened to the once thriving planet, your crew members, and the Russian settlement that lived there.

Developer: Stage 2 Studios
Publisher: Stage 2 Studios
Format: Xbox One
Release Date: May 13th 2015

While I commend their stylistic choice for this game, the mere simplicity can be a bit on the boring side. The game truly is lifeless, you're equipped with a jet-pack, robotic arm, flashlight, and oxygen tank. Just what every astronaut needs. Each chapter isn't too much different from the next, simple puzzles, pretty linear paths, and basic controls. Parts of this story can be missed if you don't pick up all the documents you find along the way which can leave you a little confused in the end. As far as the controls go my biggest complaint is the jumping, you don't have much control over your directional path, so if you overshoot a rock with your jet-pack you'll be kissing your Astronauts ass goodbye. I did however thoroughly enjoy the music in this game. It set the right tone and atmosphere for the style of game they were trying to achieve, I only wish the music was throughout the whole game and not just when coming to a new area, event, or during cut scenes.

Overall Lifeless Planet will appeal to some who like a simple laid back game, while leaving others a little disappointed in the lack of exploration. The game is short and doesn't really have much of a replay factor if not for a few achievements you might have missed on your first playthrough. Lifeless Planet is a decent game, I love the style of the game, the perfect music, the story, but there isn't enough exploration and variety for the price tag. However if you are looking for a simple short relaxing game with easy achievements then Lifeless Planet is perfect for you.

+Classic sci-fi vibe
+Great music
+Easy achievements
+Interesting story
-Lack of exploration
-Not enough variety

Score: 6.5/10 "Decent"

What I Played: 10 hours completing two playthroughs and unlocking 14/15 achievements.
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