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Destiny's Fall Update Likely to be The Taken King

A recent Bungie trademark spotted by NeoGAF user Kifimbo, might be the title for Destiny's big fall update. The trademark includes a description for the trademark itself and the logo. Bungie's upcoming expansion, House of Wolves, releases in two weeks and does not include a traditional Raid. No information has been revealed for The Taken King so far but fans everywhere are hoping for everything and the kitchen sink with the recent letdowns.

Trademark Description:
Downloadable video games via the internet and wireless devices; Electronic game software for cellular telephones; Electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; Electronic game software for wireless devices; Game software; Interactive game programs; Interactive video game programs; Video game software.

Logo Description:
The mark consists of the words THE TAKEN KING in CAPS in the color gray. Below the "A," "K," and "E" in the word TAKEN is a graphic image consisting of a large oxblood "V" in the form of two slightly outward curved slashes. Rising from a position approximately two-thirds up the inner sides of the large "V" is an inverted "V" with curved sides, and beneath the inverted "V" is an "X" consisting of two oxblood slashes resting half-way up the sides of the large "V," whose lines cross below the center of the inserted "V" and then point straight up.

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