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5 Games I Want To See At Square Enix's Press Conference (But Probably Won't)

E3 is almost upon us and this year we are being treated to more press conferences than usual. Square Enix is holding one this year which is not something we usually see. Obviously we will see the hits like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy. I'm also fairly confident we will see a true Hitman sequel. But here are 5 games I would love to see them surprise us with next month!

Quantum Conundrum:
Airtight Games created Quantum Conundrum a few years ago now, but when it first released I fell in love with it. With Kim Swift (one of the minds behind Portal) helping with the project it really felt a lot like Portal and the puzzles were actually fairly challenging. Unfortunately Airtight Games have since been shut down, so a sequel to this unique gem is highly unlikely.

Murdered Soul Suspect:
Another Airtight Games creation released last year to some mixed reviews. Personally though (and I know DOA agrees) I thought it was a great game with a solid story that gave me a nice change of pace from the games I usually play. A somewhat simplistic title that had you running around Crimson trying to solve your own murder will probably never see a sequel and is almost certainly as dead as the protagonist himself.

Dungeon Siege:
I never played the first two Dungeon Siege games but when the third instalment released on Xbox 360 I was pleasantly surprised. This RPG might seem a little generic but I found a lot of fun to be had within it. A sequel to the game would be happily received by me but unfortunately I don't think the game sold all that well so the chances of it happening aren't very good.

I have still yet to play the most recent reboot of the series that was released last year and I have not heard very good things about it. But the concept of Thief sounds amazing and if they can address people's problems from the latest game then we could have an amazing stealth game to put up next to the greats such as the Metal Gear Solid series. However the poor performance of the aforementioned reboot probably means Square Enix is not going to give it another shot. At least not any time soon anyway. Which is a real shame because the stealth genre has a pretty small library of amazing games.

A James Bond Game:
It's no secret I am a James Bond fan. So you could put a new game in anyone's press conference and I'd be a happy camper. However, Square Enix would be one of the two publishers (Ubisoft being the other) I would love to see get the license after Activision decided not to renew it a few years ago. I'm thinking a Deus Ex type game with a James Bond skin and some of the disguise/planning elements from the Hitman series. I think that combination would make for a stunning Bond game. Obviously there would also need to be some solid driving mechanics in there as well.

Scenario two would be a more open world game, think Just Cause. Again there would still need to be some stealthy missions and elements taken from the Hitman games but driving around an open world as Bond doing side missions and such would be a lot of fun to play. They could also go with several smaller open world areas around the world which would be more true to the movies.

Honestly I'll take any Bond game at this point but these two options would be a dream come true. However it is incredible unlikely that anyone has picked up the license and we haven't heard about it. With the upcoming movie "Spectre" maybe, just maybe there is hope of a game somewhere.
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  1. I loved Murdered soul suspect so much :)

  2. Great list Bond! I would play all of these if they came out. Your hopes are a little high for a Bond game though!

    1. Thanks, I'm not expecting any of these games. So I won't be upset when they don't announce them.... But a Bond game like I described would be so fucking cool


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