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Unmechanical: Extended Achievement/Trophy Guides

The videos below show you where and how to unlock the Nothing but Net, Loopist, Freediver, Inner Peace, Typical and Something About Magic achievements/trophies in Unmechanical: Extended Edition for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 & Xbox One. If you're looking for a complete video walkthrough of the game, you can find one for both episodes HERE

Achievement/Trophy: Nothing But Net
Unlock requirements: Throw a piece of coal into the oven without the piece of coal touching anything, flying for 3 seconds.

There is only one place to unlock this. You will know it when you see it.

Achievement/Trophy: Loopist
Unlock requirements: Make 4 loops with the helicopter in succession.

All you need to unlock this is one of the metal bars in the game and enough room. The location in the video is the earliest place I could find to do it.

Achievement/Trophy: Freediver
Unlock requirements: At the beginning of the game, find a way to submerge under water.

As the description says, this is done at the very beginning of the game. 

Achievement/Trophy: Something About Magic
Unlock requirements: Form a pentagram with the laser reflectors.

Once again, there is only one place to unlock this and you will know it when you reach the area in the video.

Achievement/Trophy: Inner Peace
Unlock requirements: Balance an object on your head for 10 seconds.

This can be done anywhere there is an object to balance on your head but I find the location in the video the easiest place to get this achievement/trophy.

Achievement/Trophy: Typical
Unlock requirements: Get hit in the head with a lavarock 5 times without using the tractor beam.

This is done in the same area as the furnace. Where you do the Nothing but Net achievement/trophy

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