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Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Clothing Location Guide

Here are the locations of all 52 clothing pickups in Stealth Inc 2. Collecting them all will award you the "Snappy Threads" Achievement/Trophy It was pretty difficult to decide how to order them with the game being so open. So I've written a list of them in the order the game displays them so you can pinpoint what your a missing easier, but the pictures and descriptions are listed by area.
I would highly recommend not going out of your way to get them all until after you have acquired the teleporters as some of the cases require them. You can also make some cases trivial with them too.

Also the game doesn't save when you pick up the item, if you die before it does you will need to pick it up again. While there is the odd occasion where it saves in a room the way to guarantee a save is to go through a transition in the map.

In the descriptions I will often refer to inflate jumping. This method requires you to stand on a deflated Inflate-a-mate and jump as you inflate. This will propel you high into the air. You can also use this method while airborne by inflating at your feet and jumping at the same time. This strategy will enable you to traverse over anything you want.  

In game order
Ring Master
Baseball Cap

Yellow Area

Viking Head

Impossible to miss while playing through the story

Viking Body

Impossible to miss while playing through the story

Bear Head

Teleport the box over the fan as seen in the picture

Bear Body

Jump into the vents to reveal this pathway

Chicken Head

Access the room from the top right and press the switch

Chicken Body

Nearly impossible to miss during the story. Jump up to it from the floor.

Blue Area

Cowboy Head

Inflate and jump or detonate the bombs above and drop onto it.

Cowboy Body

Use Inflate-a-mate to jump up

Police Head

Use Inflate-a-mate/Me Too to detonate the bombs.

Police Body

Impossible to miss while playing through the story

Rabbit Head

You need to beat the secret test chamber 1-Y to have the wall open up and access this case from the left side of it. Then throw Inflate-a-mate into the hole with the green beam to grab it.

Punk Head

Put the Inflate-a-mate down the green beam filled hole and drop down the main shaft. You want to deflate the gadget when you are just past the first open barrier. This will stop you on the second and you are free to walk across to the case.

Punk Body

Jump into this crevice and the false wall will disappear.

Genie Head

Jump up into the vent with your Inflate-a-mate and hit the switch sending your gadget down to the other switch. Drop onto it, crouch and deflate. Press the switch and the case will reveal itself

Genie Body

Inflate Jump

Orange Area

Wizard Head

Throw the teleporter through the green beam above.

Wizard Body

Bring the drone down via the switch and use the Inflate-a-mate to get him down into the hole with the switch. Now jump up to where he was originally and throw the inflate-a-mate through the green beam and kill the drone with it.

Samurai Head

Another inflate jump here.

Sailor Head

Jack the Drone and use the laser on the wall to the left to create stairs. Jump up them and then use the drone again to laser the ceiling and finally the bombs. Jump up and across and press the button to release your case.

Sailor Body

In the room to the right climb to the top and use the vent to access this case.

Jester Head

Just wait until the floor opens up to allow you to grab the case

Jester Body

Use the switch to stop the floor movement and use the Inflate-a-mate to get the drone on to the same floor, hit the switch once, then again when the drone is under the trigger beam. Then inflate again to raise the drone up like seen in the picture.

King Head

Inflate jump your way up avoiding the hazards.

King Body

Very hard to miss playing through the story. Us the adventure light to open the hatch and drop onto it.

Gangster Body

Right above the 3-7 chamber door. Very hard to miss. Inflate Jump to reach it.

Purple Area

Gangster Head

To reach this area you need to inflate jump your way up the open area to the right. Then dodge the drones and grab the case.

Pirate Head

Use Inflate-a-mate to crawl the gap to the left of the level door and you will see the case. VERY hard to see the crawl space because of how dark it is.

Pirate Body

False wall here, just jump into it.

Strawberry Head

 I recommend coming here with the teleporters and just teleporting your way down to the case.

Strawberry Body

Use the Inflate a mate in the top right vent to create a shorter version and push it down onto the switch in the bottom right vent. Jump onto it and crouch, then deflate. Press the switch when the enemy overhead is on the yellow and black hatch, he will fall into the laser switch and open the wall. From here teleport across the gap.

Samurai Body

You need to beat test chamber 4-X to be able to access this room. Once in this room there is a fairly lengthy puzzle to solve to open up the case. Use the first switch you come to to drop the drone into the teleporter and land above you. Once he’s in the trigger laser hit the switch again so he is always in the activation zone. Inflate jump up and press the switch. Throw your inflatable buddy onto the far left floor switch and jump over and throw him back to the one you just passed and inflate him on the switch. Make your way back to the drone and use the Jack Boy on him and walk him up to the top area via the teleporter. Use his laser to remove the bombs and reveal the switch. Press that switch. Head up to the top left area that has just been unveiled and place the adventure light down next to the lights. Jump across, hit the new switch and drop into the teleporter. You will now see your case and can just teleport past the lasers to get it.

Pineapple Head

Follow the steps for the Samurai Body piece to open up most of the room. After you have got that case you will need to use the Me Too gadget to trigger both beams to the right to reveal the case. Now use the teleporters to get the drone above into the trigger beam within the green beam on the ground floor. The door will open to the case.

Pineapple Body

Clear the bombs with inflate-a-mate/Me too and drop down

Green Area

Rabbit Body

In the room to the left use the teleporters to put the crate under the light sensitive switch. Place the adventure light on top of it and activate. Jump up and go through to the right.

Baseball Cap Body

Throw the teleporter through this very well hidden vent at the top of the room.

Sombrero Head

Inflate Jump into the false ceiling.

Sombrero Body

 Inflate Jump

Ringmaster Head

You can skip the puzzle here with teleporters. Stand in between the 2 sets of falling pillars and throw it up into the gap where the case is.

Ring Master Body

Use Inflate-a-mate on the switch above and press the switch that it opens. Drop down into the new area, jack the drone and hit the laser switch. Then just teleport past the lasers and inflate jump up to the case.

Musketeer Head

You must complete test chamber 5-X for the wall to open up. Once it has, use your Inflate-a-mate 
to travel across the lasers and grab it.

Musketeer Body

Place the adventure light where it is in the picture and crawl through

Hamburger Head

Jack the drone and laser the laser switch to the top right of him (it’s hidden in the darkness). Once he drops down he will land on a switch allowing you to drop down. Move both of you over the switch and put the drone slightly right. Press the switch and as soon as you pass the first laser move your guy right and the drone left. You should clear the laser and be home free on the case.

Hamburger Body

You must beat test chamber 5-Y to be able to access this area. Once you have it’s simple jumping to reach it

Red Area

Roman Head

From the picture you need to drop down onto the case. However there are 2 homing drones down there waiting for you to do so. So have your Inflate-a-mate equipped and as soon as you grab the case use it to fly back up and run from the imminent explosion

Roman Body

 This one’s a little trickier. You should be able to see the case no issue but to reach it you need to go further right and get up into the ceiling with the exploding drone. Once up here use the teleporters to get him on the ledge next to the drop down to the bomb wall blocking the case. Then use the Jack Boy to take the drone and drop it down the hole.

Skeleton Head

Use the Me Too gadget to break both beams. Once both are in, kill your original clone at the bottom. Do the same again with the next 2 beams. Once you trigger the final beam 2 drones will come out. Lure them both to the above clone to blow up.

Skeleton Body

Here you need to use the Inflate-a-mate to fly up. As soon as you take off switch the gadget to the teleporters (time will freeze while you select the gadget so there's not a huge rush). While in the air throw the teleporter and teleport yourself once the device is clear of the green beam.

Baseball Cap Head

When you enter this room, dispose of the Clobot however you want then equip the Me Too gadget. Head down to the bottom button and place the device to spawn a clone right next to the tunnel on the switch side. Then head up to the top left grate and spawn the clone. Move him onto the switch and walk your main guy in, then move the clone back to the switch he was on. Recall the device and throw it so it lands on the middle platform (where the Clobot was), kill your clone and it will lock your main guy in the top left saw area. Spawn the clone on the middle platform and move him into the top right saw area. Now carefully move left so the top left guy gets killed but the top right guy gets locked in. Now spawn the clone on the middle platform again and move right. The guy in the top right will get killed by the blade but he will pick up the case in the process!

Gentleman Head

Chances are you would have got this on your way to level 6-2. You have to open up the gate as part of the story, from there simply grab the case!

Gentleman Body

A simple one, go to the left of this room and jump into the vents and step on the switch. Throw a teleporter into the opposite vent and teleport across and grab the case.

Army Head

Use the gap to the left to make a squished Inflate-a-mate and push it up to the switch and climb up and through to grab the case.

Army Body

In this room take the upper teleporter to get into this area.There will be a bomb wall covering it. There will also be a respawning drone here so I’d recommend jacking him so he can’t bother you while picking the case up and the drone can also be used to laser the bombs.
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  1. Samurai and Sailor have the same images

    Samurai Head is in green area

    Thanks for the guide

  2. For the Rabbit body I pushed the tall block to far to the wall previously and I can't move it to get to the light switch, and I only noticed that when I was 10 pieces away!
    So much for 100% completion...
    (yes I'm just typing this to vent)


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