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Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones Achievement/Trophy Guide and Roadmap


- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 11/12 (950) 7, 3, 1
- Online: 1/12 (50) 1
- Approximate amount of time to complete: 15-20 hours with Collectible/S Rank Guides. 20-25 without
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements/trophies: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements/trophies?: No cheats.
- Does difficulty affect achievements/trophies?: No difficulty
- Glitchy achievements/trophies: None on Xbox. 3 on Playstation (see below)
- Unobtainable achievements/trophies: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Playstation Glitch Information: It appears the Trophies; "Gone Walkabout" "Cloaked in Triumph" and "Snappy Threads" are mixed up. Collecting all clothing items will unlock "Gone Walkabout", visiting all areas will unlock "Cloaked in Triumph" and collecting the untested gadget (camouflage suit) will unlock snappy threads!

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones is a stealth based puzzle platformer with a metroidvania style hub world. It has many gadgets to choose from giving it huge variety. Achievement/Trophy wise it's a pretty straightforward list, tasking you with collecting everything and mastering all the levels. There are a handful of miscellaneous ones but none of them take more than a few seconds after you acquire the correct gear to do them with. Overall the completion is pretty easy and is a ton of fun to do!

For my impressions of the game check out my review HERE

Step 1: Play through the Story
This step should take you anywhere from 10-15 hours depending on how quickly you are able to solve the puzzles. There is 6 areas in the game you must traverse and once you beat the 6th one you will have all the gadgets you need for the next step

Step 2: Uncover the whole map and collect all the clothing pickups
Follow the guides for "Gone Walkabout" and "Snappy Threads" to mop up the remaining items in the hub world. This should only take a couple of hours with guides.

Step 3: S ranks and rescue all the clones
Use the "Test Chambers" option in the menu to access level select. Replay the levels as many times as you need to obtain S Ranks and rescue all those clones! This shouldn't take you more than 5 hours or so.

Step 4: Play and rate a community map
You could do this step at anytime. Load up a Community Level, complete it and rate it.

Congratulations on your completion! One that should hopefully have brought you hours of entertainment!

Scarlett Pimperhell 
Rescue a Clone from a Test Chamber

Story Related and cannot be missed. You will rescue your first clone in test chamber 1-1 without any option of failing.

Suicide Pact 
Accidents may happen with the 'Inflate-A-Mate'

Once you get the Infate-A-Mate gadget throw it upwards and inflate it in midair while you are standing underneath it. It will fall and kill you. But at least you got an achievement/trophy for it! Chances are you will accidentally do this more than a handful of times during your playtime!

Undead Army
Raise a small army of Skeleton Clones

For this you need to collect the Me Too gadget by beating the 5th set of levels and have both pieces of the skeleton outfit (refer to Snappy Threads for more info on where to find them). Once you have both these items equip the full skeleton outfit and create a clone with the Me Too gadget.

Freedom Fighter 
Jack free a Clobot from the PTi Collective!

At a certain point in the story you will be introduced to "Clobots". These guys look exactly like you except their eyes are always red. To get the achievement/trophy you need to equip the Jack Boy then sneak up behind him and jack him like any other enemy. You won't have control of him however , you will override his brainwashing and make him friendly. Once you have hacked one the achievement/trophy will unlock. Chances are you will do this numerous times along the way to the completion.

Sore Back 
Complete any level without jumping.

The level I found it was possible to pull it off on was level 5-X. This is one of the secret test chambers within the game. You can find it in the main game here:

Once you have it unlocked you are able to replay it as many times as you want through the "Test Chambers" option in the main menu.

Anyway, once you have unlocked the level to play follow this video and you will net yourself 50 gamerscore or a bronze trophy.

Connoisseur Club 
Play and complete any Community Map and rate it

From the main menu select Community Levels and pick any of the levels available and beat it. There are plenty of easy ones around for you to be able to do this easily. Once you have beaten the level it will ask you to rate it. Give the level how ever many stars you want and the achievement/trophy will unlock

Boast Protocol 
Discover and complete a secret Test Chamber

See "Gone Walkabout" for a fully opened map so you can see where the secret chambers are. Secret chambers appear on the map as Xs and Ys and are not required to beat the story. However you must find and complete all the secret levels in the game to be able to get the "Stealth Lord" achievement anyway so you will get this without any effort.

Cloaked in Triumph 
Find the top secret and untested Gadget!

This video will show you how to traverse the game's trickiest platforming section and obtain the Camo Suit which when collected will award you the achievement/trophy.

Snappy Threads 
Collected every Clothing Pickup in the game

Clothing pickups come in the form of green cases that can be only found outside of the testing chambers. For a full list of all the locations please check out my guide found HERE

Gone Walkabout
Visit and uncover every room on the map

For this you just need to uncover the whole map outside of the testing chambers. This should come fairly naturally while collecting all the clothing pickups. If, however, you are still missing somewhere please refer to this fully explored map.

The Thomas Riker Award
Rescue all Clones

There are 91 clones to rescue throughout the game. These can only be found within test chambers which can be replayed within the main menu without having to traverse the whole hub world between each one. However they can only be played from the menu once they have been beaten once in the main game. So i would recommend doing this after uncovering the whole map and collecting all your clothing pickups.

For a full guide on locations please visit the one I wrote HERE

Stealth Lord 
S-Rank all Test Chambers

You can easily replay levels using the Test Chambers in the menu. I wouldn't recommend doing this at the same time as you rescue the clones as they generally take more time to rescue.

I have made videos in the HERE for S ranks in all 60 levels of the game. If you follow the same path with a bit of practice you should be able to get S ranks too! The videos are split into the 6 areas of the game.

While I do it in the videos it is not needed to complete all 3 requirements in 1 run. You could do 3 separate runs and still have the game credit you with an S rank.

I will note that the times in the first area are really strict and don't leave much room for error, the other 5 are much more lenient. Also 3-Y is really tough for the spots limit as you are in constant combat with your drone.

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