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State of Decay: YOSE Achievement Guides

Here are a few video guides for the new State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition achievements along with descriptions for each.

Main Game:

Powder and Primer - Craft Ammunition 5 Times
To unlock this achievement you will need the Munitions Shop and Library building constructed in at your base. First construct a Regular Workshop. Then upgrade to a Workshop and then finally to a Munitions Shop. After that construct a Library. Once the Munitions Shop is created you will be able to research "Ammo and Manufacture" at the Library. Once all these steps are complete you will then be able to craft various types of ammo from the Workshop. Do this 5 times for the achievement.

Order at DZ & Letters from Cleo - Intercepted a Mysterious Supply Drop
To unlock these achievements you will first need to receive a radio call from Lily explaining a mysterious signal. Once the call comes in, go to the designated area on your map. Scavenge whatever you can from the box and leave. Do this 4 more times for the Letters from Cleo achievement.

Get Over Here & Serial Monogamist - Invited a community member to follow you
To unlock these achievements, press Y to interact with a community member. If the option is available, select "Come with me and watch my back". It will cost 100 influence but not every community member will have this available. Do this 10 times for the Serial Monogamist achievement.

Apples and Beans - Fix delicious snacks 5 times
To unlock this achievement Press Up on the D-pad and hit RB to get to the "Home" tab. Once there select the Church Kitchen and start the "Make Snacks" action. It takes 5 minutes for this action to complete. Repeat these steps 4 more times to unlock the achievement.


The Doctor - Successfully extracted Thomas Horn
This achievement is story related and cannot be missed. After clearing out the Base at the start of the Lifeline DLC, you will be prompted to check out a downed helicopter and find a Doctor named Thomas Horn. After finding and returning him to the base, the achievement will unlock.

The Surgeon - Successfully extracted Julene Horn
The second survivor in the Lifeline DLC and wife of Thomas Horn. After saving Thomas, and a little free-roaming, you will be prompted to save Julene Horn. After picking her up at the marked location you will have to stop at her house and find Thomas' notes. Once you've found the notes you can then bring her back to the base which will be under attack. After successfully defending the base the achievement will unlock.

The Examiner - Successfully extracted Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall is the third survivor in the Lifeline DLC. His mission will appear after selecting the "Contact Highroad" action from the Sat-Comms in the Home tab. Once the mission appears simply drive to the location and return Timothy to the main base. The achievement will not unlock until the helicopter arrives to pick him up. For me, it arrived after successfully defending the Base from an attack.
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