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New Details on Killer Instinct Season 2 (Cinder, Ranked League Updates, Q&A)

Iron Galaxy Studios has released new information on Killer Instinct Season 2!

Cinder (Ben Ferris)

After a decorated and successful military career, Ben left the Army at age 31 to enter the lucrative world of paramilitary contracting. After all, a guy with his flawless mission completion record and skill set should be making a lot more money. Ben found himself in-demand, with each successful mission leading him to the next difficult but impressive payday. Instead of engaging in off-the-books operations for his country, Ben was doing it for crooked corporations and CEOs. This eventually landed him on Interpol’s most wanted list, but thanks to what he’d learned working closely with them in the past, avoiding them was almost too simple. Ben had his ideal job, incredible pay, and was sought after by the most powerful people on the planet.

Then he got the call that would change his life forever.

Ben received a contract offer for an almost ridiculous sum. The mission; infiltrate Ultratech to steal data related to “Project Cinder”. None of Ben’s contacts or colleagues had ever heard of anyone ever putting out a contract that targeted Ultratech. In fact, information on Ultratech was so scarce that it seemed like every other agency and corporation on the planet was pretending it didn’t exist. The danger, the difficulty, and the mystery only made the contract more appealing to Ben.

Ben signed and began researching “Project Cinder”. The more he learned, the less he felt like he knew. Ben had to go deeper. Many months passed as Ben worked Ultratech from the inside; making friends with higher level employees, bugging their gear or offices, and watching and listening for something… anything… that might point him in the right direction. The only piece of information he had after nearly a year on contract only increased his desire to complete the mission. All signs pointed toward Extraterrestrial origins for Project Cinder.

Ranked League Updates
- We have adjusted the score system to make the climb from Bronze to Killer more challenging (requires better win/loss ratio).

- In Killer vs Killer matches, we have added a ‘catch-up’ mechanic to the scoring system, which will give you more points when defeating a player higher up in the Killer ladder than you. After winning a match, just watch your points go up to see if you crushed someone higher than you. The base is still +50, but if it was someone really ahead of you, you could earn up to 1,000 points! Top guys, you are officially on notice, everyone is now gunning for you- hunting the top Killers just got very profitable!

- We also want to acknowledge the many requests for an option to Rank Down. We hear you loud and clear, this is something that we are looking into for the future along with other changes to help make your experiences within the different Tiers better.

The Top 32 Killers for March have been locked in a "Maciaga5" became the first 1st place Top 32 Killer. All Top 32 Killers received not only a Pro Medal Icon, but also qualifying points for next year's KI Cup.


Here are a few selections from the Q&A:

Q: Will there be more ranks within the killer rank to enable more player levelling in terms of evenly skilled matchups. If you can't confirm either way, do you think it would make the killer rank a more fair and fun fight With a more structured skill ranking system?
A: We continue to look at ranks and the league system. Changes are coming!

Q: For those of us who are attempting to unlock all of the achievements for KI - is there any chance of tracked achievement progress being restored with the Achievements app? Other games (and KI used to do this, too) show both a numerical display and progress bar to give you an idea how close you are to completing Achievements. The way it is now, there isn't any real way to know how close you actually are to things like the Battle-Worn or Chosen One achievements.
A: This is another one of the ones we want to implement, but haven’t figured out a clear way that doesn't cause user pain if we do. If we did this right now, anyone working towards achievements they have not yet earned would have their progress completely reset in the new system, and we hate that notion.

Q: Are you planning on adding an online Practice mode?
A: This is high on our list of things for the future.

You can check out the complete list of details on their official forums.
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  1. harder to get to killer? I'll never make it now

    1. Lol get it while you can man!

    2. New ranks/tiers within killer and/or rank down? Fine. Just don't add achievements for that shit. Leave it for the hard-core KI types to chase those "pro" medals to compare epeens and leave the achievement community alone. TYVM.


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