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Microsoft Shows Off HoloLens and Cloud Power at Build 2015

The Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2015 is coming to an end and we've seen a few interesting developments in place that could have drastic change for the world of gaming.

In the first video, the HoloLens VR Headset is demoed. The video shows universal apps such as Skype running on Windows 10 as well as a few others. The interesting feature being the video player that can follow you around and be scaled to any size. Imaging playing your Xbox One on the ceiling of your bedroom, the wall in your living, or hell even your bathroom!

The second video shows off the power of the Cloud. I know what you're thinking, nothing new here right? But this video shows a rolling update being applied to a game while it's still being played. The asteroids are literally being update during gameplay! This could potentially be huge for future gaming.

Here are a few other key announcements:
• Windows Store getting its own carrier billing service across 90 mobile operators
• Running universal Windows apps on desktop
• Android and iOS apps coming to Windows 10
• Browser officially named Microsoft Edge
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