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King Oddball: King Slayer & Headache Trophy Guide

Having trouble getting the Head Shot!, Headache and King Slayer trophies in King Oddball? Don't worry, I've found a method that's guaranteed to unlock those trophies. The video below shows where and how to unlock them. I've tested this method multiple times and after killing the king 5 times in a row, I'd say it works. This method will work for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 & Playstation Vita versions of the game. Getting the timing down for when to release the rocks may take a little bit of practice but once you get it, those trophies are yours. 


All three versions of the game, (PS3, PS4, PSVita), have separate trophy lists and the game is crossbuy. You can get these trophies 3 times!

Head Shot! requirements: Hit the king with a rock

Headache requirements: Hit the king with a rock three times during a level.

King Slayer requirements: Kill the King a.k.a Hit the king with a rock four times during a level.

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