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Indie Spotlight - NERO

Each week the DRM Gamecast will highlight one Indie game that we feel is worth looking into. Every game listed has a planned console release for the Xbox One and/or PS4.


Indie developer Storm in a Teacup's first game, NERO displays beautiful visuals combined with a rich story. NERO is a next generation visual novel with gameplay elements focused on puzzles and exploration. Check out the full feature list below.

NERO is story driven first-person game with puzzles with intuitive controls. Environment is heavily connected to the characters and their past.The player is free to feel freedom of movement to express his game emotions.The world of NERO is wide, magic and varied enough to make exploring into an ongoing challenge

NERO features unique dreamlike visuals with high-resolution textures and
incredibly complex shaders to deliver AAA-like quality. NERO is one of the top product performing Unity tech

NERO is high replayable: not exploring enough or not solving all the bonus
puzzles in the game could result in a not clear understanding of the story. This
feature is well trimmed to avoid frustration

NERO features a wonderful soundtrack and music is gonna be incredibly
important and comes along with the design. A narrating voice will underline the experience, following the two characters in their journey

NERO’s story is complex and the desired effect is to have the players discussing about it on social networks, sharing thoughts and screenshots

NERO has a planned 2015 release date for the Xbox One. For more information you can visit the official website or follow Storm in a Teacup on Twitter and Facebook.
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