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Destiny - House of Wolves Prologue [Updated]

[Update] Bungie has revealed that the House of Wolves expansion won't include a Raid. They also announced they will be slowly revealing more info in the next week and that the 1.1.2 will also be available 4/14/15 which includes vault space, crucible changes, and more.

[Original Story] Bungie has released a trailer to the upcoming House of Wolves Expansion for Destiny. The official release date has also been set for May 19th.
"The Reef will open to all Guardians, and you will join the allies of the Queen to destroy the traitorous Fallen from the House of Wolves. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be pulling the wraps off of all the new activities, modes, events, and gear you’ll have access to. Stay tuned to see exactly where your legend is headed next."

A few months back a Reddit user named megamanexe64 leaked a ton of information on upcoming Destiny expansions and changes. With many being skeptical at first, his claim of a May 19th release was spot on. He also detailed the addition of new faction and a level 32 weekly Nightfall strike along with a handful of weapon and armor images.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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