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Binding of Issac Rebirth Coming to Xbox One

The insanity that is Binding of Issac will be heading to Xbox One! Edmund McMillen, Co-Creator of Super Meat Boy, announced yesterday that Binding of Issac Rebirth will be heading to Xbox One along with Wii U and 3DS.

The official statement came during April Fools, where McMillen tricked desperate fans into believing the game had made minor edits to conform to Nintendo's policies, 

"now you know how i am about artistic integrity and trust me when i say id never compromise my art to make a quick buck.. but after thinking outside the box a bit i came up with a few minor edits to the game that got more than a few suits on my side when it came to getting the green light. ill list out the edits below and i think you’ll agree they are so minor none of you will even notice."

The edits, which you can see on the official posting, were a joke but the game is indeed coming to the specified consoles. The PS4 version currently holds an 84/100 on Metacritic

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