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White Night Review

Not everything is black and white… or maybe it is.

Don’t you just hate it when you run over a pretty young woman with your car and she disappears when you go to check on her to see if she's still alive? To make matters even worse, you are injured and the only place to get help is a creepy looking old mansion down the road. If you thought this sounds like the beginning of Hollywood’s newest horror movie, you would be wrong but I wouldn't blame you for it. This is the setup for Osome Studios new survival horror game White Night.

Developer: OSome Studios
Publisher: Activision
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: March 6th, 2015
Copy purchased
White Night blends its survival horror setting with a sort of film noir aspect. Perhaps the most striking feature of White Night is its art style. The entire game is played in black and white making it stand out from almost every other game on the market. Because of the black and white motif, the game oozes atmosphere and character that most other games lack. There is a palpable sense of dread and foreboding throughout and it is almost entirely because of the great art style along with the isometric camera the game utilizes.

Even though this is a survival horror game akin to the early Resident Evil's and Alone in the Dark’s, White Night is first and foremost a puzzle game. There is absolutely no combat in the game at all. But that doesn't mean you won’t die over and over again. The entire game takes place in the aforementioned creepy mansion but lo and behold, you are not alone. There are ghosts afoot. These evil apparitions that inhabit this sinister mansion really don’t like you and one touch from them will kill you outright. At first the ghosts serve as a warning for places you aren't supposed to enter just yet. Later on, they become more of an obstacle as you have to run past them to get where you need to go. Since a single touch from these creatures can kill you, you might be wondering how the save system works. There is no true auto-save in White Night. The only place you can save at is a comfy chair. But it is not enough to just find the chair; you have to bathe the chair with light before you can use it.

Even with all the ghosts in the game, your true enemy is darkness. The majority of the game will be spent looking around the mansion for clues, items and collectibles and the only way to see what you are looking for is through the warm light of matches. Matches light up the area giving you the time needed to find what you are looking for, but you can only ever carry up to twelve and they run out fairly quick. Luckily, there are matchbooks scattered throughout the mansion so finding more is usually not a problem.

The story is told mostly through a voice-over by the main character as he tries to figure out what exactly is going on. The back story for the game is told through diaries that are scattered about the mansion that actually give great insight to what may be going on. The story isn't spelled out for you directly but by paying attention and reading the diaries, you will find that the story is actually quite good and just as dark as the game itself. I also want to mention that the soundtrack to the game is superb and fits the game perfectly

I really enjoyed White Night. I am a huge fan of survival horror and we don’t get many of those types of game anymore especially ones that don’t have any combat in them. The only negatives I have about White Night are its length and the running sequences trying to avoid the ghosts. The game is quite short. My first playthrough clocked in at 6 hours. I honestly wish the game was longer because I enjoyed it so much. My other complaint, I think many will agree with, involves evading the ghosts. When you are running from the spirits, the game's camera will change and so will the direction you are running in. This will result in many deaths that normally wouldn't happen. It can be quite frustrating. Other than those two complaints, I think White Night is a great game worthy of your time and money.

+ Great Art Style
+ Interesting and Mature Story
+ Classic Survival Horror
+ No Combat
- Short Length
- Isometric Camera issues when running from Ghosts

Score: 8/10  "Great"

What I Played: Completed the campaign twice for a total of 8 hours finding all collectibles and unlocking all achievements.
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  49. The giveaway is now over. The winner of White Night for Xbox One is.... TestingG3! Congratulations and thanks to everyone that entered. Keep an eye out for upcoming reviews and giveaways.


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