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ScreamRide Quick Review

Frontier Developments' ScreamRide is not a simulation game like most people think. Instead, it's more of a series of creation, racing and demolition based minigames with a touch of physics based gameplay. It has two game modes, Career and Sandbox.

Career ModeCareer mode consists of 3 career paths, ScreamRider, Engineer and Demolition Expert and has 6 series (areas) to complete. The goal of career mode is to unlock the highest security clearance. You raise your security clearance and unlock new series by completing minigames and earning commendations, e.g. reach a minimum scream rating, complete all bonus challenges for a given level. You can unlock all 6 series by doing one career path. All you need to do is earn enough commendations but if you choose to play just ScreamRider for example, the other two gametypes will be locked in later series. Going back and playing the career paths not played will unlock them though.


In ScreamRider, you're basically a roller coaster tester. The goal is to score as many points as you can while racing around track as fast as possible without derailing. If you do happen to derail though, the game just resets you on the track. It won't cause you to have to restart the level but it will cost you time and points. Tracks get harder and skill becomes more of a factor when it comes to earning commendations and completing challenges as you advance through career mode.

ScreamRider can be quite addictive. I found myself replaying levels over and over just to raise my highscore to try and knock my friends down on the leaderboard. 


In the Engineer career path, you are tasked with completing a roller coaster to the specifications given and you have a limited amount of pieces and a restricted area in which to do it.

I find this gametype to be least fun. It feels like I'm finishing someones project in SandBox mode more than it feels like I'm playing a gametype. It does make sense in the overall scheme of career mode though.

Demolition Expert:

The objective in Demolition Expert is pretty simple, earn points by destroying stuff. 

I had the most fun with Demolition Expert. Probably because I like breaking stuff in video games. Finding the best spot to cause the most damage is enjoyable as well.

Sandbox Mode: In Sandbox mode, you start from scratch. You can build a ScreamRider, Demolition Expert or Engineer level from the ground up. Most of the pieces are locked from the start but playing through career mode will unlock them. What you can create is only limited by your imagination.

There is no park management feature in ScreamRide but the levels you create in Sandbox can be shared with the community in the Level Center if it passes validation through testing. You can also download, play and rate levels created by other members of the community. I find the Level Center to be a nice feature because what's the point of creating something if you can't share it?

Overall, my experience with ScreamRide was enjoyable and I don't plan on setting it aside anytime soon. It also has an awesome soundtrack. I recommend picking this one up and giving it a try.


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