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Zombie Army Trilogy Review

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: March 6th, 2015
Copies purchased
Bond OO7: Zombie Army Trilogy's gameplay is exactly like the Sniper Elite games it's based off. However a few things were changed to accommodate fighting hordes of zombies. Most notably is the regenerative health which makes the game a lot more fast paced since you don't have to stop and use a bandage. Playing through the campaign in Co-op is a blast and taking on hordes of Nazi zombies is a great co-op experience. It's not very creative though and feels very much a like a 3rd person Call of Duty zombie mode sans Easter eggs. The structure of the campaign is also pretty boring, mostly consisting of going to a point and either clearing it out or defending it (Gears of War: Judgement anyone?). That being said it is still enjoyable with a group of friends when you just want something mindless to play. Horde mode is your basic horde mode. There is no gimmick to try and separate it from the bountiful supply of horde modes out there. You simply pick a map and hold out as long as you can. It starts getting pretty tough around wave 7 or 8 and can offer a significant challenge if that's what you are looking for. Most will find the mode very lackluster and only play it a time or two. The charm of the game is how basic it is. It is just old fashioned zombie killing fun. It doesn't try to be anything else, nor will it ever be anything else.

Omega Deez: As Bond said, the game plays just like the Sniper Elite games. The control layout is exactly the same with the exception of the radial menu being replaced with a kick, which helps tremendously when getting swarmed by enemies. The binoculars and cover system seem to have been taken out as well. The get from safe room to safe room while fighting through hordes of zombies campaign structure reminds me of the Left 4 Dead games. The game runs smooth and I experienced no problems with connectivity while playing cooperatively. Speaking of co-op, that is when ZAT is at it's best. Playing campaign or horde solo gets boring pretty fast. If mindless, co-op action is your thing, this game is for you.

Bond OO7: The graphics look decent enough. They won't win any awards but they aren't awful to look at either. It does a great job of portraying a zombie apocalypse circa world war two. Everything is very dark and the little colour that is offered is in the form of blood or a green haze in which the zombies emerge from. The enemies look the part too. ranging from your standard zombie all the way up to a super elite with a chainsaw. They all look distinctive enough.

Omega Deez: The graphics aren't the greatest, but they're not the worst either. It pretty much looks like an Xbox 360 game. The only problem I have with the games looks is how dark some areas are. Even turning up the brightness on my television didn't help. An in-game flashlight would benefit this game.

Bond OO7:Nothing new here either. But then it's hard to be new in the tried and true zombie genre. All the zombies sound like zombies. The guns are the same sounds from the Sniper Elite series. As with the graphics it's nothing bad, but at the same time, not particularly good either.

Omega Deez: The best part of the games sound design is the score. The music sounds like it could of been in one of George Romero's "___ of the Dead" movies. The worst part is how surround sound really doesn't help indicate where the enemies are coming from. It sounds like you're surrounded by zombies at all times but that's probably by design to keep you on your toes. Other than those two things, it's pretty much average in the sound department.

Bond OO7:Zombie army trilogy gives you some serious bang for your buck. Bundling 3 campaigns clocking in a total of around 12-15 hours of gameplay and a horde mode with 5 maps there is a lot do in the game. Playing in co-op also adds to the amount of fun and time that can be put into the game.

Omega Deez: What Bond said.

Bond OO7: The replay value is huge, obviously horde mode could be played over and over to try and better your personal best but even the campaign doesn't feel stale after one playthrough. The combo system in the game adds a certain amount of competitiveness to the game and playing with friends should always be enjoyable. Achievements will also keep you busy, from finding all the collectibles to getting a certain of amount of kills of each enemy type and severing 10,000 limbs. There is a lot to do and for the asking price you will not feel shortchanged.

Omega Deez: Zombie Army Trilogy has tons of replay value. Mowing down hordes of zombies with friends never gets old. Some of the achievements in the game will keep you busy for a while, but for the most part, they're pretty easy to obtain.

Bond OO7: 6.5/10 Decent
Omega Deez: 7/10 Good
Gameplay of us playing Horde!

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  1. Looks like it might be something I will get along with a price drop in the future.


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