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Ori and The Blind Forest - No Stone Unturned Achievement

This is how I unlocked the glitchy "No Stone Unturned" achievement. Basically it allows you to get extra progress for each Secret Area you find. For example, if you find an area and it gives you 1%, you can get 3% out of it. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It is glitchy after all...

Also this works probably works best if you haven't completed the game yet.

1. Find a secret area that you haven't entered or picked up the item yet.
2. Copy your save file in the Main Menu (optional).
3. Snap the Achievement App.
4. Pick up the item (Ability Orb, etc.) and see if the achievement progress increases.
5. If it does increase, quit and reload the save and pick up the item again.
6. Repeat these steps until the achievement progress stops increasing.
7. Once the progress stops increasing, you have to find a new secret area and repeat steps 1-4.

This may not work at every secret area. You probably won't get the achievement at the beginning of the game this way, so continue using this solution for every area you find until you unlock the achievement.
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