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OlliOlli Review

By Sam "SelasDray" Bailey

OO Anonymous

Welcome to the simple yet surprisingly intricate side-scrolling world of OlliOlli. OlliOlli is a two-dimensional skateboarding game where you must complete challenges while traveling from point A to B during a level. The control scheme comes off as rather basic, using “A” to push your skateboard forward, shoulder buttons to spin, and left stick or D-pad to jump and perform tricks. Appears easy right? You would be mistaken, as learning how to coordinate these controls together can be a daunting task. With a moderately difficult learning curve, this game might be off-putting to some, but trust me, it’s worth the time investment.

Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Curve Digital
Format: Xbox one
Release Date: March 6th, 2015
Copy provided by publisher

Not much to say in this department. Simple graphics scheme that serve as sort of a throwback to early 90s arcade games. There are five different environments, each with different backdrops and obstacles that actually bring a sense of charm and nostalgia to the game. Uncomplicated visuals actually favor the game by not becoming a distraction from the pinpoint move requirements needed to succeed in each level.


You’re usually accustomed to associating skating games with some type of upbeat punk or rock music, but OlliOlli takes an entirely different route. A smooth, calming soundtrack featuring electronic jazz, sax and piano tunes that vibe well with the environments and help you keep your sanity through the thousands of restarts you will inevitably incur. Fortunately this game features an instant restart system and it’s a nice touch that the music never loses a beat, even after retrying or going through menus.


As mentioned earlier, the learning curve on mastering the controls can be quite steep. You have to hold the left stick or D-pad in a certain direction, and then rotate to another direction and release to jump and pull off a trick. Throw in the bumper controls for spinning, which are mandatory if you want to be able to reach certain scores in the more advanced levels. Then comes precision of actually landing the tricks by hitting “A” or left stick/D-pad, depending on the object you’re landing on. Hitting the corresponding action just before you land nets you a desired perfect, but hitting a little too early or late punishes you with a worse rating, resulting in a lower score from the combo you built up.


Here’s where the game really shines the brightest. If you’re willing to invest the time understanding and conquering the controls, you’re rewarded with a very fluid experience that sees you building up huge combos and perfect grinds while achieving all the required challenges in a level. It becomes an extremely addictive experience and provides an overwhelming satisfaction to try and perfect a level that before, was seemingly impossible. The game consist of 25 Amateur levels, 25 Pro levels, each with 5 challenges a level. Beating all 250 challenges unlocks “Rad Mode” which is just the Amateur and Pro levels repeated, except it requires you to land every single trick perfect.

The Final Verdict

OlliOlli is a truly unique experience. While the game may seem too difficult at first, if you stick with it and grasp the concept of the control scheme, you will be able to enjoy countless hours of highly addictive and extremely rewarding content.

+Smooth, enjoyable soundtrack.
+Simple, yet stylish backdrops.
+Highly addictive and self-rewarding gameplay.
+Instant restart system is a great feature.

-Occasional framerate drop issues.

Score: 9/10

What I played: 25 hours put into the game, completing all Amateur and Pro levels along with all the challenges associated with them. 18 out of 50 Rad mode levels completed.
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  1. Game looks awesome and very addicting

  2. Played a little at a friends and thinking about picking it up! @Cilisien

  3. Looks fun, but challenging. Great review!
    Twitter @jzarp43

  4. I always wanted to try this game since it came out on PSN. Thanks.
    Twitter: @hsith

  5. Game looks good!

    Twitter: @Jacob4526Jacob

  6. Yes please.

    Twitter: @KluckMyDuck

  7. Would love to try out another challenging game.

    Twitter: @Hydrakiller

  8. It seems like a fun game from the review!

    Gamertag: Doofygiant

  9. Game looks pretty good watched a few people play it on twitch, Would love to win a copy.

    Twitter: @devon_on_fye

  10. Do want

    Gamertag: Kongo Dragon

  11. Nice review :)

    Gamertag: supadryz

  12. Wouldn't mind a go GT MILINKYO

  13. Great review!

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  14. Thanks for the giveaway, the game looks awesome!

    Gamertag: Alex Hartmann
    Twitter: @TheAlexHartmann

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  16. Great review! The game looks Awesome and fun.

    GT: ryu913

  17. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    GT: Dark Angell911

  18. The Giveaway is over! Congrats to supadryz for winning. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!


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