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How to Get the Hardcore back into Destiny: A Six Step Plan

Unless you're a huge fan of Crucible, a lot of Destiny players out there, myself included, have recently began to hit a wall of sorts as there is just nothing left for us to do. The question the becomes, “now what?”. Personally, I'm only missing a few key items: three exotic weapons (Red Death, Apotheosis Vail, and ATS/8 Arachnid) and the Shroud of Flies Cloak from the Crota's End raid (Damn you RNG!). Missing such a low amount of items, as you can imagine, makes for a lot of disappointing Tuesdays. Every weekly reset is a disappointment as I continually get a lot of crap, or doubles, or triples, or quadruples, or… you get the idea. Which means as a Destiny fan I’ve been pushing now for more odds and ins type of stuff to keep me going. Such as leveling up Dead Orbit in hopes of rare shaders and that amazing looking ship, the Fermi Solution. The fact that my main motivation has become ships and shaders goes to show that Bungie really needs to get cracking on some new content. Reinvigorating the hardcore back into the game before we find something else needs to be priority number one. I, as a Destiny veteran with almost 1000 hours played, humbly have a few suggestions.

Time to Update Primary Exotics

Now some of my suggestions have multiple steps, and this is one of them. First add a damage modifier to all primaries. One of the big things I’ve noticed in Destiny is that, outside of PVP, players don’t uses primary exotics very much. A few exceptions are out there, like using Red Death or Suros Regime on the Crota fight to regain health, but that’s about it. Instead they rely on Raid primaries. The reason is of course that for high level activities like Nightfalls and Raids you want to kill as quickly as possible and the tough enemies almost always have shields: Solar, Void or Arc. Now I know Icebreaker and Gjallarhorn are hard to argue against but let’s face it, most of the time you have your primary out and it's most likely the Crotas End or Fatebringer. But would you think twice about that Icebreaker if Suros had void damage? I’m betting a lot would. Plus it seems to me that exotics are supposed to be the best weapons in the game and if you could, you’d have three on at a time. A legendary, raid or not, shouldn't be better than it’s exotic counterpart.

Pray to RNGesus

Now once Bungie has added damage modifiers to primaries comes the fun part, making three versions of each exotic! Almost everyone has an Icebreaker now that Xur has sold it twice recently, but that was just a Solar version. What if there were Void and Arc variations out there also. To everyone saying, “I have everything, now what?” this would be a God send, not only for the player, as it would add hundreds of hours of hunting and grinding, but it would also be great for Bungie as they clearly want to keep people playing for as long as possible. No longer would you be able to stand tall with your Gjallarhorn over other players who don’t, you would need all three for true bragging rights. It would be a long time before anyone could say "I caught ’em all". Sure a Thunderlord might seem a little weird firing void rounds but it’s a small price to pay to continue the chase in a meaningful way. Win win.

Armor Needs Love Too

Another needed feature is a boost to the value of Exotic armor and I think a good place to start would be to add defense modifiers to them. Imagine if Heart of Praxic Fire blocked 20-25% of Solar damage. That could be a big help in Nightfalls with Solar damage and would encourage people to adjust there attire more often to fit the enemies they chose to engage. This would set up Armor in the same way I recommended for weapons: three versions of each piece all adding a different resistance. I would also recommend the same for Raid gear just at a smaller percentage, say 10-15%. Although I would suggest those only have one preset resistance modifier and not three versions.
New and Improved VoG

Something that’s been rumored for a while now is a level 31 Vault of Glass, which gets my wholehearted vote. Who doesn't want a 331 Fatebringer?! But really, I believe it should be a level 32 VoG for a couple of reasons:

#1. Diversity. Outside of Shaders and Ships far too many guardians look the same, and with so many Exotic armor pieces being preferred over others the problem escalates. We are in desperate need of more 36 Light Level gear to start to differentiate people. I understand and sympathize with Bungie wanting to keep that gear in the more difficult parts of the game so this would be a big help and in line with what they want as well.

#2. Options. If my plan of damage resistance modifiers was implemented this would create more options for the player. If Dogged Gage gauntlets from Crotas End have Solar resistance then Prime Zealot Gloves could have Arc resistance; and of course as more DLC and Raids become available the options would increase further until you could have a perfect set up for any and all encounters. (if you’re willing to put in the time of course)

I Can’t Hear You Over the Cries For More Vault Space

You knew this was coming. People are screaming for this now and if any of these ideas were to come to fruition the need would be… well it’s a must damn it. When one goes to visit the vault in the Tower there are actual three vaults, though they all access the same inventory. I would argue that each one should represent each type of gear. One for weapons, one for armor, and one for miscellaneous items like shards, black wax, shaders, and synth. Then each should have at least 100 storage blocks if not more. The 20 blocks we have now has become a joke and with all the above implemented it would be impossible.

It’s Not Content but Goals are Good

Then of course there is the old standby of just adding more achievements/trophies into the game. This one is particularly odd as it is now common practice for games to add them when a new DLC releases. With all the new content added to Destiny in The Dark Below it was quite a shock to not get any and it seems now would be as good a time as any to add them. Some may argue that this is covered by the games Grimoire score but I’m sorry achievements are much cooler as they go beyond a single game and encompass your gaming career. Just don’t do anything too obnoxious like 100,000 kills in the Crucible please.

So there you have it. I don't believe anything in this list would be game breaking. To anyone thinking, ”it would make the game too easy” needs to consider that you’re not really supposed to get all of these items, which has become a major problem for Destiny as well. You’re not actually suppose to get the carrot, just forever be chasing it, and right now too many people have not only caught it but have almost finished eating it. Bungie needs to act now before people move on to a different meal.
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  1. Somebody please sent this to bungie this sound awesome. I being playing destiny since day one and I must say I love this. Icebreaker as a void weapon equals epic.

  2. Quality article

  3. ummmm... perhaps you could learn to spell "arc" and "game breaking"?


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