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Evil Within - The Assignment Review

If you read my review for the main game of The Evil Within then you will know that while it wasn't a bad game, it was far from the return to the survival horror that it was hyped to be. So you would be forgiven for ignoring any DLC the game had to offer. Should you ignore it? or is it worth your time?

The Assignment is part 1 of 2 in the story of Juli Kidman, the side kick of the main games protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos. While she didn't have a huge amount of screen time in the main game she played a very important role in the extremely complicated story. Here we get to answer a lot of questions you might have had about the story and by the end of this DLC should have a very good understanding of the story. Being only part 1 of 2 there is obviously a cliffhanger to get you to come back for part 2 but you will go into part 2 with a better understanding of what is going on, which is nice change for the game.

Gameplay in the game is a far cry from what it was in the main game. There you were armed to the teeth and could play the game very much like any other third person shooter. Here on the other hand we have an incredibly terrifyingly slow paced experience, in a good way. Other than one short section in the middle (which is also tense) you have no firearm which instantly adds to the tension of the episode.  You spend the entire time sneaking around trying your very best to stay alive as if you are caught you are completely defenseless. The only weapons you get are 1 use axes and even these can only be used for a stealth kill. The other new mechanic featured is the flashlight. If you think Alan Wake, you aren't far off. You use to torch to not only see the way but you can "focus" the light to reveal certain items or paths. Overall the gameplay lends itself perfectly, creating a seriously tense and scary environment.

Gameplay isn't the only thing that creates a horrifying environment though. While the creatures here are just as grotesque as the ones found in the main game, they are actually scary here due to the tension. One in particular is the tall armless lady with the spotlight on her head. She can move fast and catch you off guard very easily. On top of that you if you get caught in the beam of her light which will slow you down so much that she can catch you and instantly kill you. The encounter with her while you are waiting for the elevator was incredibly tense. 

For the asking price this DLC is a steal. While your first playthrough will only last you around 3 hours, it is a really good 3 hours. After that you can tackle Kurayami mode, which makes the environment pitch black, forcing you to use your flashlight, which will seriously limit your field of view and leave you more susceptible to scares. My only complaint with it would be that I don't see why it isn't available for your first playthrough. As playing on that setting without knowing what is coming would be a truly "shit your pants" scary experience.

Achievements/Trophies are pretty standard. They are all easy enough, you need to collect 3 sets of collectibles and beat the game on the Kurayami mode. There is also a handful of miscellaneous ones thrown in there tasking you to do something in a certain chapter. I did find it strange that there wasn't an achievement for finding the soundtracks and models though. Those are a lot harder to locate. The puzzles required to access the torn letter pieces were really fun to figure out as well.

Overall this DLC is what DLCs should be. In fact The Assignment is miles better than the main game. While the main game failed to live up to the claims of a return to survival horror this DLC succeeds. Its a real shame that the whole game was not like this otherwise the game of the year awards could have been totally different. 

Summary: +Genuinely frightening and uneasy experience
+Story being explained
+Kidman's character
+Stealth Gameplay
+Kurayami Mode
+Puzzles for the torn letter pieces
-Shame the main game wasn't this good
-Kurayami being available from the start would have created an even scarier experience.

Score: 9.5/10 "Amazing"

Price: $9.99/£6.79
Season Pass: $19.99/£14.99
Main Game Review: HERE
Achievements/Trophies: 10 for 250g/ 7 Bronze 3 Silver

What I played: Beat the DLC twice, once on survival and once on Kurayami. I attained all 10 of the DLC achievements and spent an overall time of around 5 hours.
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  1. You're an absolute lunatic.

  2. Actually the Kurayami mode is playable from the beginning, there is a "special trick" like the konami code to unlock it :)

    1. Really? Care to share how to do it?

    2. That would make the first play through amazing I think if u can!


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