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Lords of the Fallen - Ancient Labyrinth Review

Anyone who has played the main game of Lords of the Fallen will know that easy isn't something you associate the game with. It's takes patience and time to succeed. Ancient Labyrinth looks to give you more of the same.

However, Ancient Labyrinth decides to also try and give the player a new twist on the game. The clue is in the title. The entire DLC takes place inside a labyrinth in which you pull levers to rotate each section of the maze to try and make your way through to the center where the boss awaits. There are side paths you can find to acquire some new gear but it was not as good as my NG++ gear so it was pretty useless. Maybe if you were in an earlier playthrough without all the best equipment you could find a better use for it. It does look good though (see above picture). You also get a choice at the end between 3 different sets of armor, which I can only assume are Light, Medium, or Heavy. I chose the Light armor because it sounded cool but again not as good as my other armor. Maybe the other two are better, I don't know.

There is another mechanic within the maze if you can find it, which allows you to pull a lever and select the magic school the boss uses. However, this also seemed useless as he uses all three anyway and the only thing that changed was the order. The boss himself is also disappointing. Once you figure out the pattern, which doesn't take long since he only does one thing, you can beat him with ease. Even on NG++. Which is another shame, especially if you were looking to sink yourself into a challenging boss again like some of those from the main game.

The environment is nothing new to the game either. It looks very much like the Rhogar realm from the main game. The entire DLC is comprised of very tight corridors too, which makes for some frustrating combat. The beauty of Lords of the Fallen is the combat, but when you're shoved into tiny hallways the game doesn't know what to do and it becomes a pretty frustrating affair.

The length of the DLC is equally disappointing. The size of it is tiny and if it weren't for constant back tracking and frustrating puzzles you could run through in about 10-15 minutes. However, with the frustrating puzzles and back tracking required to get into the center it will take up about 2 hours of your time. Which considering the asking price is not too bad.

Achievement/Trophy wise the DLC is pretty easy. You are tasked with beating the final boss again however which can make for a frustrating time on it's own, let alone with a weapon you are not used to. Aside from that it's a fairly simple list comprised of beating the boss while his magic school is set to fire and collecting everything. Shouldn't take more than a few hours to mop up everything

Overall it was a disappointing DLC that nowhere near lives up to the standards of the main game,
which is a real shame. However for the low asking price it is worth a go if you were a fan of the main game. It's not as good but there is some fun to be had. Hopefully the game is not destined to go out on this low note.

Score: 6/10

Price: $7.99/£6.39
Main Game Review: HERE
Achievements/Trophies: 10 for 200g/ 8 Bronze 2 Silver
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  1. Genuine review I would say. The game isn't for any kid I would say. It does require a lot of patience and perseverance. Thought I tend to differ on your thoughts on environment, I do agree the length is too long and it gets really frustrating. I am a bit disappointed with this and I hope the sequel for free xbox live will atleast fix the issues in this game.

  2. I have a lost faith from the xbox after playing this games but i have get it free by the xbox live codes therefore there is no tension of money.


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