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Top 10 Weapons in Destiny

After spending almost 900 hours on Destiny I figured it was time to write something about it; but with so many articles and opinions on the game out there already what could I do? Well everyone loves a top 10!

This list is for PVE only. PVP is a different beast all together.

10. Fang of Ir Yut - The best Scout Rifle available. It can practically be used as a sniper as it has amazing range, high impact, and ark damage. The Third Eye, allowing radar to stay active while aiming down sights, is also an added bonus.

9. Hunger of Crota - Has the cluster bomb of the Hazens Vengence but with tracking shells. Second best rocket launcher in the game.

8. Praedyth’s Revenge - Even though the 300 attack is a little low now this is still one of my favorite snipers. It fires so fast and smooth and with maxed stability you can just unload on the tougher enemies’, plus it’s one of the few really good weapons to have void damage.

7. Thunderlord - An amazing weapon that I don’t get to use enough because of a certain rocket launcher but that doesn't change the fact that it’s the best Machine Gun available. The Thunderlord has great impact and rate of fire. Even without perfect balance it's still crazy stable… and it looks cool as shit. Xur has never sold it so you don’t see that many of them out there in the wild.

6. Black Hammer - I’m sure some people will cry fool that I don’t have this one higher and don’t get me wrong I love it. The White Nail perk for refilling your mag with 3 critical hits in a row is fantastic; especially on bosses. But its super low rate of fire and only 3 round mag keep it out of the top 5.

5. Ice Breaker - It’s a sniper with regenerative ammo that makes enemies explode when you kill them. What’s not to love.

4. Fatebringer - Pre-DLC this would have been my number 2 weapon in Destiny but its dropped down a bit for not have 331 damage. I’ve really been hoping the rumored level 31 Vault of Glass comes true for a chance at a new shiny version of it. Ark, explosive rounds,Firefly perk, and a 12 round mag will always leave you smiling.

3. Word of Crota - Another hand cannon sporting explosive round, which is problely my favorite non-exclusive perk. Has a 12 round mag, looks badass and is the other really good void weapon. Again only better than the Fatebringer because on the 331 damage but currently the best hand cannon out there.

2. Abyss Defiant - Finally a great auto rifle with a damage buff (solar). Atheon’s Epilogue always left a lot to be desired with its high rate of fire low impact design. This is more like the Suros Regime with the slower fire but higher damage while aiming down sights perk and it has the ability to disorient hive wizards, which is great for the hard raid and certain strikes.

1. Gjallarhorn - And of course, here it is. The end all be all of Destiny weapons and the reason everyone hates Xur. The Gjallarhorn has only been for sale once, but that was during the second week when most players didn't have enough Strange Coins and no one knew just how good it was. I was one of the lucky ones who did have enough Strange Coins that week and bought it just to have it. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I realized just how great a purchase I had made. With the Gjallarhorn it’s all about the Wolfpack Rounds, as after the initial hit (which tracks by the way) 8 smaller rockets swarm out to strike at any enemy or enemies that are nearby. Bosses beware.
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  1. Good list, though a little strange the Suros Regime didn't make it.

    1. suros is somewhat useless in PVE. Vision does like 3 times more damage and has a lot more range. People just see exotic and 331 but dont look at the numbers. When you hit an enemy with a suros and with a vision the damage is drastically higher on vision. Every time Im doing a raid i make people stop using it at least in vault of glass.

      now in PVP suros is probably the top gun with maybe the vex

  2. it would have in a 10 pvp list

  3. To have word of crota ahead of fatebringer is basolutely absurd. I have every weapon in this list except gjallarhorn and fatebringer should be number 2. Even with the lower damage, you will find 90% of people that have it using it. Every single nightfall with arc damage, im using it. I actually use it all the time with icebreaker and hunger of crota.

    Bossess on strikes or the spider on devils lair and the tank on valaas ill pull out the black hammer and of course aetheon. Everything else is icebreaker.

    I might even go so far to say that fatebringer and gjallarhorn should be 1a and 1b. You use primary more than rockets.

    Vision and fang should have been tied too. all in all though, I cant wait for house of wolves as that hand cannon should be solar. THAT will be exciting

    1. well really the top six are all super close, I use them all a lot..... I figured ice breaker is what id get the most grief for

  4. this is way out of date now with nerfs to auto rifles and what not


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