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Evolve (Day 1) Impressions

Evolve's greatest strength, is also it's greatest weakness. Anyone who has heard about the game will undoubtedly understand the 4v1 dynamic that Evolve touts. 4 Hunters, each with a specific class, are tasked to eliminate one Monster. The key aspect here is that each player has a prominent role in the team. The Assault is the primary damage dealer, the Medic heals teammates, the Support buffs teammates with upgrades, and the Trapper traps the Monster in one place so it can't run away.

This setup is very unique compared to today's modern mulitplayer shooters. In games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or even Rainbow 6, the individual isn't all that important to the overall success of the team. This is the core of Evolve. A cooperative, multiplayer shooter that relies heavily on teamwork and communication.

That's all good... as long as your teammates have mics and know what they're doing.

In Evolve, if one player isn't doing their job, or isn't doing it WELL, that can spell certain doom for the entire team. For example:

If the Trapper doesn't track and successfully trap the Monster, it will most likely run freely around the map gaining armor and upgrading to stage 2 and 3.

If the Assault isn't damaging the Monster it will most likely kill the entire team. In Evolve, the Assault class really does significantly more damage than the other classes

If the Medic isn't healing your teammates... well they will die pretty quick. But the Medic can also slow the Monster down with a tranquilizer gun and create double-damage points for teammates to utilize.

If the Support isn't shielding your teammates... they will again most likely die. It's really easy for the monster to focus on one Hunter at a time. Those are the scenarios when the Support needs to be shielding that player.

Here is a quick run down of things I noticed on my first day:

  • The Wraith is really difficult to defeat and requires a lot more teamwork on the Hunters part. With very quick movement, invisibility, a clone,  and more powers that I have yet to understand, I can't imagine how OP this Monster was before the nerfs...
  • The Evacuation Mode gives a large XP bonus for the winning side
  • Griffin (the second Trapper) is difficult to play with
  • All of the achievements/trophies can be completed in Solo or Custom games for those that want to get them done quickly.
  • Depending on the player controlling the Monster, some of the game modes end up being a deathmatch between the Hunters and Monsters. In Rescue, for example, the Hunters are supposed to rescue 5 survivors while the Monster is supposed to kill 5 survivors. But there is nothing stopping the Monster from simply killing the Hunters...
  • Some of the win bonuses for Evacuation are pretty cool.

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