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The Escapists - Escape Guides

This is an in-progress, compilation of video guides on how I escaped each prison in The Escapists (Xbox One). These may not be the easiest methods of completing each prison. Instead, they are simply a tutorial on how I personally completed each prison. At the bottom of the post you can find a general list of crafting items and mission specific items will be under each video.

HMP Iron Gate (6th Prison)

The final prison, HMP Iron Gate is the most difficult to escape. But there are a few tricks to make it easier. You can hide all of your contraband inside your tunnel as before and you can even loot other prisoners cells and stash the contraband away before the guards catch you. You will need a lot of resources which I detail in the video but one you want to be on the lookout for is Balsa Wood. The only way to obtain Balsa Wood is by purchasing it from another inmate.

Mission Specific Items:
  • Sail = Timber + Bed Sheet
  • Raft Base = Balsa Wood x2 + Rope
  • Makeshift Raft = Sail + Raft Base + Rope

San Pancho (5th Prison)

The 5th Prison, San Pancho, took me a LONG time to figure out. Inside the prison is easy, it's the outside that is tough. Outside the walls of the prison is a fence, followed by a minefield that is patrolled by a truck, followed by a double wall. On top of that their isn't a Woodshop Job available! But I finally managed to complete it and here's how I did it.

Mission Specific Item:
  • Stinger Strip = Nails x2 + Roll of Duct Tape

Jungle Compound (4th Prison)

The 4th prison, Jungle Compound, is an interesting one if only for the required ID Papers. You may be able to get outside the prison walls however you want, but you won't get far without the ID Papers.

Mission Specific Item:
  • ID Papers = Feather + Jar of Ink + Unsigned ID Papers

Shankton State Pen (3rd Prison)

This is a quick video showing how I escaped the third prison - Shankton State Pen - in The Escapists (Xbox One). This is of course just one of many possible ways you can escape and I've included a few key crafting ingredients below. Enjoy!

Woodshop Job: Obtained by going to the Job Board in the top right of the prison. If the Job is occupied you can continuously beat the person up when they are supposed to be working which will get them fired. Then you can take the job.

General Crafting Items:

Timber Brace = Timber x2
Guard Outfit = Infirmary Outfit + Jar of Ink
Infirmary Outfit = Inmate Outfit + Tub of Bleach
Sheet Rope = Bed Sheet x2
Bed Dummy = Pillow x2 + Bed Sheet
Tool Handle = File + Timber
Flimsy Shovel = Tool Handle + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape
Lightweight Shovel = Flimsy Shovel + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape
Sturdy Shovel = Lightweight Shovel + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape
Flimsy Pickaxe = Tool Handle + Crowbar + Roll of Duct Tape
Lightweight Pickaxe = Flimsy Pickaxe + Timber + Roll of Duct Tape
Sturdy Pickaxe = Lightweight Pickaxe + Timber + Roll of Duct Tape
Flimsy Cutters = File x2 + Roll of Duct Tape
Lightweight Cutters = Flimsy Cutters + File + Roll of Duct Tape
Sturdy Cutters = Lightweight Cutters + File + Roll of Duct Tape
Grapple Head = Crowbar x2 + Roll of Duct Tape
Grapple Hook = Grapple Head + Length of Rope
Molten Plastic = Comb or Toothbrush + Lighter
Wad of Putty = Tube of Toothpaste + Tub of Talcum Powder
Key Mold = Wad of Putty + Key(Color)
Plastic Key = Key Mold(Color) + Molten Plastic
The Contraband Pouch is used for moving Timber, Timber Braces, and other contraband past the Contraband Detectors:  Foil + Roll of Duct Tape
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  1. Pretty much how I got out. I dug from the cell and went right, pretty much the only difference

  2. i ecsaped every prison by getting a good wepon and then geting a lock down still beating up cops the i got a message saying prisoner takeover. the message said to run and that the main gates were open so i ran out the white key lock (now unlocked) and i was free

    1. Yeah a lot of people seem to be using that strategy. I wanted to try and find my own way out. That's the best thing about this game is that there isn't just one strategy. But I've heard that changes in prison 5... we'll see.

  3. Are feathers exotic feathers on Xbox one

    1. Thanks for catching that! It is actually just a Feather on Xbox One. On PC it's an Exotic Feather.

  4. How do you make a makeshift raft in xbox one version?

    1. It's the same as it is on the PC.
      Sail = Timber + Bed Sheet
      Raft Base = Balsa Wood x2 + Rope
      Makeshift Raft = Sail + Raft Base + Rope

      To get the Balsa Wood, just keep checking the prisoners that sell items everyday. Eventually they will have it.

  5. Can't escape jungle compund :l

    1. That's the second one right? Lol sorry about that, I'll have to go back and make videos for the first two. Have you tried digging a tunnel out? That's what I always tried to do first.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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